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  1. So as my first soil grow nears the end I want to try hydroponically growing a couple autos... prefer to not use coco...I think I would like to try a dwc or something similar. One plant, one light. Something small I'm talking a 12" min 20" tops plant size. Similar to the plant in the picture. Its a Amnesia Haze Feminized Auto-.... Beautiful little flower.. tightly packed!! And STINKS!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Fem Auto (Amnesia Haze) Come on in and share your auto grow! This is my first

    Bag seed grow journal (Flowering)
  2. You can do a lot worse then one of these kits. I consider it one of the best $100 I ever spent. These are nice buckets and lids. It comes with everything you need but nutrients and a light. 3.5 gallon buckets are best for conserving headroom for lights in a tent.
    Bubble Brothers 6 Pot DWC System | HTG Supply
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  3. I just made a bunch of those! I hope they work well. But if he is stuck for space as it sounds like, I might try a larger container from Home Depot or something where he could fit a few small plants.

    To the OP. What kind of room dimensions do you have to grow in? With plants that small I'd just keep them in my cloner and keep feeding them like normal plants. That way you increase harvest without taking up much space. Basically a mini sea of green. They have these big black storage bins with yellow lids at Home Depot. I'd only drill 4-5 plant holes in it as opposed to the 20 that I did for my cloner. Then it's just making a spray rig with some pvc piping, net pots, spray heads and a submersible pond pump. I've thought about growing acdc that way since the branches tend to be weak if they get too big.

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  4. My buddy uses 40 gallon black plastic containers for 4 plants each in just DWC. That works but if you like them independent you can grow a large plant in a 3.5 gallon bucket. It's daily feeding though. Thats a small res for a large plant.

    I thought about going aeroponic with sprayers but in my research there's very little gain over DWC and it's so much more complicated with more points of possible failure. Once your roots drop all the way down to the res below the sprayers it's just DWC anyway. The pumps are just helping to aerate the feed which an airstone does just fine.

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