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  1. Im wondering when you know its time to cut and hang them for smoking.I grew them with a 150watt HPS lamp, indoor closet system in soil.The one is budding and has had budd on there for a couple weeks now.Its small maybe 18 inches.The other 2 are doing well but some leaves are turning yellowish and look as though they are burnt.Im getting a ph meter and tester kit today(If anyone can help with what the ph levels should be at).Also what do I do exactly to clone them so I can just keep the growing going.

    Any nutrients I should pick up?

    These are my 1st 3 plants and all are females, but Im looking for the best way to continue my growing and any insight would be appreciated.Thanks:)
  2. PH should be between 6.5-7 there are tons of nutrients you can buy and EVERYONE has their own oponion on what is better to use but really its just what your plant likes! experimentation is what got us to where we are today...
  3. Ok thanks, Ill see what the ph levels are and then bother some of you veterans what to do from there if I have a problem.
  4. just wondering, is a 250w hps for 12/12 enough to get sufficent buds? or should i go for the 400?
  5. Get a magnifier and check the trichromes they tell you when it's ready!
    here is a chart for you!

  6. I'm not so sure about that ph advice by atom! I've always heard around 5.7-6.5 is an optimum range to be at for marijane. And that value can also be strain specific. Always check with the breeder for their recomendation if possible. I keep my ph at a consitant 6.0-6.1. So you will also want to get some ph adjusters as well! Very important to have your ph of your water dialled in! So do not buy the ph tester that simply pokes into your soil, they are never accurate as far as I can tell. Get a meter designed for testing your water, preferably a digital pen type. This is a small price to pay for the amazing success you will have after you figure your ph out and get it adjusted! Anyways good luck.

    Peace and Pot
  7. I believe hydro setups should have a 5.7 PH... He/she is growing in soil
  8. See if this chart helps!
  9. Nice chart rootin! Where has that thing been all my life?

    Yeah your right, maybe I have been keeping my ph a tad low. But in my situation I use straight Pro-Mix with a little extra perlite, therefore I believe that it is considered a soilless mix...right? Most people I know make the mistake in considering Pro-Mix soil!

    But it looks like if I was to raise my ph a bit for a few waterings then I would make some different nutrients more available. Again, nice chart and thank you!

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