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Noob smoker, ways to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jacobii13, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. OK just curious, can someone please explain what exactly are all the different kinds of devices used to smoke eg.

    steam rollers

    etc etc all kinds of pipes and stuff???
  2. Spoon- usually a glass pipe. contains three holes, carb, bowl, and mouthpiece
    bubbler- partial spoon/partial bong. works almost the same as a bong, yet small enough to carry around
    Bong- large water pipe
    Vaporizor - heating device that does not burn plant matter, rather super heats active ingredients
    ediables- things THC is cooked into
  3. spoon/bowl - type of pipe, hold carb, light bud, suck, release carb, suck to clear
    steamroller - bigger version of ^
    bubbler - fill with water, smoke like ^
    bong - same as bubbler basically
    joints/blunts - light, inhale
  4. For a noob smoker I would definitely recommend a spoon. It wont hit as smooth as a bong but you can pic a decent one up at your local head shop for around twenty and you dont have to worry about learning how to roll right away. My 20 dollar spoon has lasted me 3 years, no problems
  5. Pipe is definitely the way to go. No rolling, easily portable, and cheap. Spend your money on what you are smoking, not what you are smoking with.
  6. Bats/one hitters(sometimes used with a dugout), chillums can also be in this category.

    Spoons, or glass bowls with a carb.

    Steamrollers, basically a bong without the water, very harsh.

    Gravity bongs, contradicting the name the grav bong does not use water filtartion it simply uses the water as a suction to fill the chamber, very harsh and smoek usually goes stale before you can hit it.

    Bongs, the ultimate way to SMOKE(as opposed to edibles and vapes). Using water filtartion and a larger chamber allowing the smoke to cool further, a bong is the smoothest way to smoke.

    Vaporizers, they heat the weed to a temperature just below the point of combustion, so that it does not burn and produce smoke particles. Its heated at just the right temperature to extract the THC(active ingredient you want to get high) into a mist like vapor. Vapor is NOT smoke, this is very important. Think of clouds, clouds are made up of water vapor, which then becomes rain, and eventually evaporates back into the air again to form clouds. Unlike smoke, vapor does not linger, and is the healthiest way to inhale THC, it is also very effiecient, giving you about 95% of the THC in your weed as opposed to about 40-50% using bongs and pipes, and about 20% using joints or blunts. Vaporizers also produce very little smell.

    Edibles, they need fat to absorb the THC. THC gets activated by heat, which is why the vaporizer works so well. You can NOT eat raw bud. This is also a healthy alternative to smoking.
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    Try a damn search, this has been posted over and over again.
  8. blunt or joint, its the easiest for noobs to smoke
  9. Agreed. Filters itself naturally so noobs pretty much HAVE to inhale properly, just make sure you have someone who can actually roll. :p

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