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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tormac, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. I now have a 10 x 12 greenhouse. I will grow one Sour Diesel fem, and one OG Kush fem.
    Since I have never grown these strains before, I am concerned about odor. My first grow was outside from random bag seeds, grown in the middle of my vegetable garden. I had no odor from my girls, unless I handled them. Will that be the same case with SD and OG K? Should I plant a bit late to keep the ladies from growing too large? Any advice for first time in greenhouse would be very welcomed!
  2. I would consider both of those strains to be on the stinker side. If you have juice out there it would be worth putting an exhaust fan or even a circulator with a carbon scrubber on it. At the very least it would be extra insurance on the scent. The other option is to load up the place with some lavender and other flowers /herbs to mask it.

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  3. Thanks mook2707, I do plan on running power out to it. That alone is going to cost some bucks, do to the distance. Will a exhaust fan be enough to keep odor down? I may just put a carbon scrubber in, if I can do that cheap enough. I guess it may be time to research scubbers.
  4. Growing is a long process, it'll be worth doing right. If the alternative is getting busted, it's worth getting a good scrubber.
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