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noob qustion bout nutes.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by weedss, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Hi. bout to start coco grow. I have GH bloom/micro. I was thinking to buy
    clerx,calmag,sweets - 8oz each. going to grow 2 plant. is 8 oz going to enough for entire grow?
  2. bumpppppppp
  3. You don't need much for two plants, sure 8oz will be more than enough... Are you also using GH Grow?


  4. yeah dude. I am just thinking to get Cal-mag instead of buying those 3 other nutes. what do you think?. I have GH micro/bloom. thanks for your reply. cheerrrs!
  5. If you use GH micro and GH bloom..... you will need GH grow. I have used for over 5 yrs myself, but those three need to be used together. In the veg stage, you will need grow and micro and almost no bloom, then during flowering, you will need bloom, micro and almost no grow. Read your instructions.


  6. I am going to use Lucas formula. Bloom/Micro/Cal-mag will get me though a grow. Bloom contains everything what's in Grow. So my question is, I am not going to need clerx,sweets?

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