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Noob questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Drugsarebad, Oct 9, 2010.

    • If I smoke once or twice a month, will I suffer any health problems or should my body be able to recover?
    • Also if I only smoke once or twice a month when should I be buying?
    • What would be the best way to transport it and a pipe from point A to B without looking suspicious and a having a smell?
    • Also what is the legal age to buy a pipe in Canada?

    I have only been high once but I was drunk at the same time. But I have smoked twice and didn't feel anything the first time.
  1. 1 - You wont suffer any health problems don't worry about a thing.
    2 - If you smoke once or twice a month then only buy once a month and buy a reasonable amount.
    3 - Probably a suitcase/backpac I would say
    4 - Legal age in Canada is 21 I think?

    Hope I've helped :)
  2. Weed is way safer than alcohol. I smoke 5 times a day you'll be fine.
  3. 1. Smoking Cannabis has no serious effect on your health.
    2. Buy what you need. I usually buy enough to last me a while if I can.
    3. A pocket. In a ciggarette pack, case. Better weed does have a lot stronger smell, I probably wouldn't walk around with more than a half oz at a time.
    4. Google it

    It is normal not to get high the first few times you smoke. This is probably because your not inhaling properly and some other reasons.
  4. You wouldn't. The only health problems that arise from smoking is messing up your lungs, but once or twice a month wouldn't have a lasting effect.

    If you can, buy it the same day you're going to smoke it. The benefits are that the weed will be fresh when you smoke, and you spend less time with the weed which means less time to get busted.

    A pipe doesn't really smell enough to worry about, just hide it in your car somewhere(not with anything you'd have to pull out if you get pulled over), and don't act suspicious. I've been pulled over with a pipe in the car and the cop had no idea.
  5. #6 Drugsarebad, Oct 9, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 17, 2010
    That is the worst suggestion I've ever heard. Also the first time I felt affected I never bought anything so I'm not sure how much I smoked but I took 4 hits of full lung capacity an I was set. I tried for a fifth but I was giggling to much to hold the pipe. So how much would that be? I was under the impression one person needs 1 gram?
  6. If you're talking about a plane, then of course not a backpack/suitcase (if it has resin)...other than that, why not? Nobody will check your bag unless you give them a reason to. One person needs far less than a gram to get high. Some people with low tolerances can get blazed off of .1. A .3 bowl of some good stuff or a .5 joint will get you lifted.
  7. Really the first time I smoked there was a big group of us and the cops showed up and my friend had their bag searched even though we weren't smoking in there presence but there was a beer can on the ground. Whats the best portable and pockatable smoking accessory or pipe for a noob?
  8. A small glass pipe. Or a dugout with a one-hitter.

  9. ftw!!!
  10. Do you get high off of one hit with a one hitter ahah
  11. Your fine on the health problems, shouldn't cause any.
  12. you shouldn't even be near tha herb if you gotta ask these questions
  13. If it's good bud.
  14. You started somewhere too.
  15. definitley not where he did.
    i never had questions like he did on first 2.
    no questions, just smoke and dont be stupid. simple
  16. Why not? I applaud his courage for asking. His alternative could be to fumble around and make costly mistakes as he figures it out on his own. I think op is far better off coming to a forum, particularly this forum because :gc_rocks: of course, to ask questions and find answers, rather than risk his health or getting caught.

    Op, if you're really concerned about the smoking hazards, vaping and edibles are fine alternatives. And they make vapes now that fit in your pocket.
  17. Yeah, but we all know how the gov spreads propaganda.
  18. True. Some people catch on faster than others. hell, my parents are in their 50's and still think weed is dangerous and it'll kill you.
  19. I am a noob too! I smoked 3 years in high school staying a noob, not learning much cause it was hard to get together with knowledgeable smokers. Quit brcause I was living with my grandma with my new baby and I thought weed just complicated my life too much.

    Now, I am disabled and in a lot of pain. I am 45 years old. and I have spent nearly a year studying weed on GC. I wanna smoke, but my doctor is fucking around saying I can't have my medical records. Wish me luck! But I wanted to tell you this OP: If weed were harmful, I would not be trying to smoke it. And I have read a lot and I am sure it is good for you. Just sober up long enough to make major decisions and stuff and still know who you are. That's my advice.

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