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Noob Questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WotM8, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Me and my friends decided to try out weed, the problem is we're complete noobs. We are planning to smoke this weekend. We can't smoke in our houses so we are going to the park at night. I have a few questions though. Also, feel free to leave any extra tips.
    How do I hit up the dealer? I know i have to be discreet but i dont know how to start it up
    Is a dime enough for 3 people?
    I wear contacts, what are some good eye drops for redness that are compatible with contacts?

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  3. Hit up a dealer and make sure you exchange a third party name. Like "yo what's up man this is opie I got your number from opie#2, you good?

    Buy a 20 bag

    And my first and only bottle of eye drops was Visine redness relief so ill say that
  4. Ask how much is gonna be in the 20 bag. Because all 20 bag means is $20 worth of weed
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    I have no idea where you live, who your contacts are, who you'll buy weed from and if hell short you or not so that's why I said a 20 bag. In kost places 10 will get you .5-.7 mayyybbbee a gram. But 20 will for sure get you 1-1.3.

    This is your first time smoking just take our advice and don't think about it.

    Lol my bad^^^ thought that was op quoting me
  6. Lol that's why you just say up front that you want a gram and ask how much. Asking for a 20 bag is a sure-fire way to get less than expected because you are just asking the dealer to give you what he thinks is $20 worth of weed
    Also I suspect OP is underage and shouldn't be posting here
  7. just ask your local pot heads where to get a 'dub sack' or an 'eighth'.
    gonna cost you 20 for the dub, 35+ an eighth depending on where you're located.
  8. not under age, just my first time smoking bud
  9. just say "hey man, you good?" And if he says yes, call him up, some dealers don't like when you text about what you're trying to pick up, so it would be better to call.

    I would definitely get an eighth, or 2 grams. And some dealers will do 2 grams for $30. So ask, either way you'll need more than a dime.

    As for the eye drops, I'm not Sure because I don't have contacts. But I use clear eyes redness relief or clear eyes redness relief with cooling effect. Occasionally I'll use Rohto eye drops. Be careful, they burn for about 5 seconds.

    Also, don't go to the park. Cops always drive by parks at night. Either go in the woods, or have a sleepover with your friends and smoke at whoevers house you're at. If the parents aren't cool with it, wait till they go to bed. Or say you're going somewhere.
  10. Always call, tell him where you got his number and ask if you can come over. Then when you get there dont let him know your a beginner or he will screw you. take how ever much money you want to spend and by like, let me get a 25 sack man. and he will give you what his prices normally are. Also make sure the park isnt by a road that anyone drives by, your going to attract attention, especially if its your first time.
  11. public park at night is a bad idea, you might be good, you might might not see a single badge in six months and then one night lungs full of your first hit of the evening he walks up on you... don't risk it. With experience and practice, you're safer driving and hotboxing country backroads than just sitting in a city park after hours. That said, any public consumption is risky, you have to accept that and be ready for the inevitable so you don't give yourself away "in case shit"
    as for the dealer deal, just be nice, polite...some like texts, some dont...feel out the guy, make sure you introduce yourself and mention the link "so so gave me your number" or "hey its so so, we met at johnnys party a few weeks ago" or whatever applies. as far as his preferences, ASK when you hook up, something like "yo I didn't wanna ask on the phone, do you like texts, calls, do you have any preferred codes or just ask for bud?" with all of this kinda shit, the Papa Johns script training I got fits... "get the general idea, and employ it in a phrasing that is COMFORTABLE to you" and its that much easier to be cool with it. don't admit its your first time, being a newbie is okay if you seem competent and attentive. generally speaking people are less likely to mess with you in any immoral/unethical way if they think you might just notice.
    how much? for 3 people, first timers, if its good shit... honestly a half gram for a sesh should be enough per person. so, for 3 people 1.5g should be enough to achieve liftoff... if it were me I would consider getting 2g, maybe a little more, just to keep the party going but a full eighth of high grade will probably overwhelm ya or end up with leftovers. if its mid-grade i'd get an eighth...prices vary but 15-20/g of high grade is typical, although sometimes you'll get lucky (10-12/g). mid-grade, generally about 1/3 to 1/2 of the price of high grade from what i've seen.
    if its your first time, I'll recommend you consider the following.
    1> if you're going to be in public like at a park, don't bring important shit (ie, wallets/expensive ass cellphones) for one reason, you might lose that shit or worse. if you plan on driving obviously gotta have DL, plan on buying shit gotta have some cash... you think shit out beforehand to avoid confusion on the battlefield eh. in public parks, never bring expensive're just asking for trouble, imo. and speaking of glass
    2> decide how you want to smoke first... there are a multitude of options. pipes, bongs, joints and blunts... obviously the latter two are easy to use and dispose of, so after the sesh all the evidence should have burned up. but i remember when I was a newbie I didn't have the slightest clue how to do joints n blunts... so without research, practice, etc, you would rely on being a rolling prodigy lol. dry pieces, small in particular, are a blessing here. you can get a cheap, tiny piece and some screens, and "in case shit" you aren't out much for pitching it (or worse)/I used to have a short, 2 inch blue glass dry-pipe that was no bigger than my middle finger at one end and thumb at the other. really small and discrete. bongs are less discrete but honestly more fun most of the time :3 tho in the dark it may be harder to properly employ a cheaper acrylic bong. and spilling the water is gonna be a shitty experience the first time it happens, probably better reserved for more private environs...
    3> bear in mind you're gonna be altering your minds... until you're used to it, probably gonna get a little hairy... so everyone needs to check their shit at the door, so to speak... everyone has seen that one person at the party that drinks more than they should and makes an ass of themselves...or worse... last thing you want is to be halfway through your sesh and joe bob's insane giggling and family-guy-esque far out jokes bring a curious copper a-lookin... another reason why having a group sesh in public is rarely a "good" idea...
    That said, you don't HAVE to follow advice, you can do whatever feels right, thats part of the experience to me...smoking how/where/when it feels think about what will be fun and stuff, and just try to have fun...bring some gatorade or whatever you like to drink...bring a bag or two of cheetos/fritos/doritos...and maybe a small IPOD and JAM speaker, nothing too loud but enough to quietly enjoy the music sober :3
    peace, love, and stoniness, welcome to GC
  12. Thanks, very descriptive answers
  13. Come out ta my hood I'll git you fucked up fer free nignog! ;)
  14. a dime isn't enough for 3 people unless your gonna pass around a doob but im guessing you can't roll buy 1.5- 2 gs even if its your first time

    dont do it in any place public way too sketchy unless you live in colorado lol

    ask your dealer if hes good for a couple gs and tell him who you are if they dont already know

    use visine its the best

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  15. I have never actually found eye drops that do anything for red eyes if you have contacts. Which sucks, because if you have contacts, your eyes are gonna be VERY red from smoking. I know people who use normal visine or clear eyes with contacts, it's never worked for me though.
  16. What will you be smoming out of? And when you inhale, you can make sure the smoke got into your lungs by opening your mouth, without exhaling. If smoke leaves your mouth when you open it, you didn't inhale right, and you're not going to get very high. But if you open your mouth and nothing comes out UNTIL you exhale, you're good. Also, if you hold your hits a long time, the smoke will be clear when you exhale.
  17. another vital tip, bring a drink, or else you will start to cough like a mofo
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    Also, since ot will be you guy's first time, I'd get 0.5g per person, so like 1.5g. and i would say that Rhotos are the best eyedrops to use, but I don't even bother with them, anymore.

    Lastly, I wouldn't advise going to a public park for your first time smoking. When you're high, your brain mispreceives certain sounds, and you might get paranoid. For your first time, you'll want to be somewhere discreet. I don't know the layout of your hometown, so I can't find a spot for you, but save public parks for when you're an experienced toker. Even then, it's still not worth the risk.

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