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  1. harvest without killing plant ???

    can you take your harvest and not cut plant down and have it survive ? i know i'm a dorque:p
  2. I would like to know aswell.. what does everyone do with their plant(s) after harvesting? Can you keep it alive and harvest again? Does it die or do you just get rid of it and start fresh
  3. i chop em, but ive heard of people revegging and shit, sounds interesting, ive seen some harvested without death and they seem to leave some of the smaller air buds still on and trim all the main nice juicy ones, and i think, the idea is that the airyer small buds then after being put back under 18/6 or 24/0 or w/e after a week or 2 start to "reveg" with new leaf growth , also seen some oddly shapped "revegged" leaves. i might give it a try just for funsies
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    Yes you can reveg, yes it normally take awhile to get the plant back to looking normal.

    When I reveg mine it takes up to 3 weeks for the plant to start growing and being normal again. It also branches out way more than when it was first grown. (the main stem always breaks into two where the main cola was removed)

    Honestly IMHO its only worth doing this if you do not already have more plants ready or clones from the one you harvested. It takes nearly as long to regrow from seed to get the plant going again.

    But it does work, and works well :) First plant was only a little over two feet tall did not produce much (it was a runt that was neglected) now its about 4 feet tall and about 3 feet from side to side and is producing its initial buds much better than any other crop I have had. (using CFLs) It should be done a week before christmas :) So most peoples presents are covered!

    In my experience any bud or popcorn bud I leave on the plant dies when the plant goes back into vegetive growth. It eventually goes brown and crispy, all of the area from the first harvest died after the new growth started, its got a few leaves down below but all production has moved to the new growth.
  5. It's possible to reveg, but I would just simpley take clones early, or replant seeds.
  6. Can you take a clone from a plant right during flowering?
  7. cloning usually needs to be done in the vegatative stage. you dont want to take a plant in flower, and force it back into veg if you dont have to. you can run into serious complications.
  8. Same rule applies as when you reveg a plant after flowering, it just takes longer and is harder to be successful with.
  9. pretty much only people in Jamaica do ever see those 14ft plants? Be crazy to have like a 10yr plant

  10. I've seen pics from Nor Cal of crazy 20 ft plants. We're literally smoking tree's at that point.
  11. [quote name='"Xternal123"']

    I've seen pics from Nor Cal of crazy 20 ft plants. We're literally smoking tree's at that point.[/quote]

    They are not old plants. They are plants that are outside in veg under 1000 watt street lights. It was pretty crazy to see 20 street lights making the hillside glow

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