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  1. yes i knoww....

    but what does curing your weed do?

    all i know is your supposed to do i after you have picked all your week

    how is it done?
  2. You dry your weed after harvesting. Then you cure.

    Curing improves the flavor. Once the bud is dried put it loosely in an airtight jar, seal it, then open it for about 15 minutes a day and re-seal, continue for at least 2 weeks, 4 weeks preferable.
  3. curing is basicly just letting the weed maronate in its own smell, it mkaes ur bud smell much stronger/better and tends to taste and be smoother aswell also for me it has seemed to maby increase strength just a tiny bit, basicly if ur eager to smoke i'd only smoke like 2 grams while the rest cures for atleased 2 weeks, wut u wanna do is seal the bud in something, mason jars are said to be best make sure ur bud is dry b4 doing this or it will mold.
  4. Someone once wrote here that curing your bud is similar to letting fruits ripen before you
    eat them. When you buy a bunch of bannanas at the store, they are usually pretty green
    and don't taste the best but after a few days they yellow up and taste great, right? Same
    goes for MJ.. you gotta let it "ripen" for awhile.

    Mason Jars are the best in my opinion, but I am currently using 64oz glass jars with
    a latch-type seal on the top.. Works great too. $5 each at Walmart.

    There are many GOOD guides to drying & curing your bud over in the "Harvesting" forum
    here. Check it out!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  5. Actually, no. After the plant is harvested the chlorophyll begins to break down. This stuff was important to plant growth (converted the energy of light into sugars for plant energy). But now chlorophyll is just a by-product and tastes horrible when smoked. Curing is a process that allows the gases from the broken-down chlolophyll to escape in a way that results in a mellower flavor to us.

  6. I agree, this is the correct answer on what curing does. Chlolophyll taste horrible always cure your buds.
  7. Cured buds undergo a:

    Reduction in Chlorophyll content,
    Reduction in plant starch content,
    Reduction in nitrate levels,
    Loss of moisture,
    Loss of volitile terpenoids,
    and the polycyclic aromatization of other terpenoids.

    All of these phenomena reperesent a loss in weight, and gain in net potency (except for the polycyclic aromatization of terpenoids which affects flavor). Note: over time THC will start converting to useless cannabinol (CBN), which it can do in its carboxylized form no problem.

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