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Noob question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jgoody13, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. I smoke usually once or twice every weekend and ALL I ever smoke is dank. Green crack, grand daddy purp, widows etc. I usually have a 5 day tolerance break between smokes. Whenever I smoke dank it takes like .5g to get me blazed. How much Reggie would I have to smoke to get blazed.
  2. 6 marijuanas

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  3. I usually gotta smoke more or less 7gs of reggie to get high... i smoke every day with no t break for now lol... but i prefer my kush
  4. 7gs??? Damn how much kush to get u high?

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  5. There is no accurate scale of high for dosing. Weed is a plant. Burn it at your leisure. But probably if .5g of "dank" gets you to where you want to be, 1g of "reggie" would be equivalent in terms of comparative consumption. Potency only sets in to a rate of diminishing returns, so if the weed you happen to be smoking doesn't get you high, it's probably just shitty weed that won't get you high regardless.
  6. Here's the problem with your question, and why nobody will ever be able to answer it correctly:

    You would have to know the THC % of what you're calling dank and the THC % of what you're calling Reggie. You'd have to then figure out how much THC you were getting in .5g of dank and convert that over to figure out how much Reggie it would take to equal that.

    Also, without knowing those %'s, you don't really know what dank and what's reg without smoking it, and at that point the only way out is through if you know what I mean.

  7. If it takes you .5 of dank to get high and you say you only smoke on weekend youre either inhaling wrong or its not actually dank

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  8. that fuckin sucks. You would think with that low tollerance of yours you would be a one hitter quitter. Man, zero tollerance and it takes a half of a gram of beaster to get high....fuck that shit.

  9. Gonna have to agree with this, do you go to a dispensary or buy off a dealer? If you buy off a dealer do you know for sure it's those strains or does the dealer just say that? I smoke every day usually twice a day and it only takes me about .3g to get high af with fire, so either you have a stupid high natural tolerance, or something else is wrong.
  10. i get 20 highs from one gram vaporized with my arizer air.

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