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noob question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blitz9256, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. What is different about OG mj? I have been searching and searching and I see things like ocean grown and what not, but what is the actual difference with the weed? My buddy said it's a calmer stone and isn't a heavy hitter, but I've had a few OG's that were bitchin. Thanks.
  2. Dafuq? It's just a strain name. Like white widow. Nothing really to different, its a sativa so it would be more of a head high and more energetic than an indica
  3. your paying too much attention to the name of strains. Theres probably thousands of strain names, and if weed has a cool name that doesn't guarantee it to be good bud.
    OG=Original gangster
  4. I wish I were in cali so I can try every strain known to mankind.

    So far all I smoked in my life was regs,purple haze, kryptonite, chronic, chocolate thai. The last in my high school days.
    Recently I smoked newer strains like ak 47, white widdow, durban poison (Which i thought was meh), Jack herrer as well, didnt think it was as great as the hype.
    Last strains I smoked and actually grew in Spain were strawberry cough and MR Nice. Both very good.
    But my all time fav is ak 47
  5. Oh ok, well I always see it with other strains so I wasn't sure if it was it's own strain or a trait of certain strains. I've had like 10 strains my entire life, up until about a month ago I hadn't smoked in 5 years. Still learnin lol
  6. If your not close to or in a medical state, strain names are all just bullshit dealers make up. Back when my buddy sold alot, hed get shit in and wed sample it, then name it. I would do it just for the lulz but hed go sell it by that. "Lavender haze" and "Cu-Jo" sell better than, "dank shit i just got in"
  7. OG=ocean grown, original gangster, old girls, operation gumby, opus gummyworms.

    In other words, it doesn't mean anything unless your a medical patient.
  8. To the fool who said OG's are sativa's, GTFO you know nothing.

    OG's are indica's, and in Cali you see tons of strands with OG at the end of it. I'm smoking on some 213 OG right now actually. It's just a term for OG Kush, an indica strand, and there are different ways to grow it and mutate it. Thus changing the name to whatever you make it.

    Don't get caught up in the names though.

  9. You know nothing and have no common sense

    OG Kush Marijuana Reviews - Leafly

  10. Do you live in LA and have a card? I do. And every OG I smoke besides some sativa dominant hybrids are indica's.

    When you go into a club in SoCal and ask for the best indica, they will hand you something with OG in the name.

    Don't rely on everything you read online before you try to call an actual patient out.

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