Noob question: What to do w/ plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Wonton, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. I'm considering starting a private patch for me and a few buddies, but I want to know my way through it before I start. I'm wondering, once I have this full marijuana plant, what do I do get it ready for smokin?

  2. I would not go by the hairs on when the plants are done. You need a powerful lens (available at any mall like the learning store cheapo microscopes) you look at the trichromes (small crystals) and when they are clear they are not ready. milky white they are done. if they turn amber/brown you have waited to long and most of the THC has deminished. To get the most out of a plant you wait 3 months for you MUST harvest at the right time (only a week window of proper time).

    Curing I hang the whole plant upside down for 3 days before I cut the buds off and put them in GLASS jars. open the jars 2 times a day untill the bud is dry through and through when they are completely dried out you can smoke um up! or keep them in glass jars untill you are ready to smoke um.
  3. how long do I keep the jars open on that 2 times/day?

    Also, I want to either keep some seeds for my next grow or clone... Where will the seeds be coming from? Do I have to wait for the plant to flower or what?

  4. Hiya.

    My best advice to you is go have a look on this page:

    Click on the leaf, then in the box "marijuana" and there
    you will find about half a dozen grow-guides that will tell you almost everything you could want to know about growing!

    Grab yourself a coffee and a jay and have a good leisurely read!

    Growing is a great hobby

    Come back and ask the resident experts on this forum about anything you need explaining in greater detail. Some of the guys here have been doing it for years and will love to help, especially if you've read up on the basics. It's just a bit much to ask them to write pages and pages of basics for every new grower though, especially when it's all been put into grow-guides before.

    I ask the occasional question on these forums, and pitch in to help others when I can. I did read the grow-guides first though. They are an excellent place to start!
    After that, there are good people here to help you!

  5. thanks guys!!

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