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  1. i have cfls but they dont fit in my lamp because i want to use a Y splitter so i can use two bulbs
    i dont see how they would fit in any lamp actually because of the awkward shape

    is there something you can plug a lightbulb into so that i could just plug in the wall?
  2. I just built myself a board with four light sockets attached to it that I hang above my plants for my grow. Eight 40-watt
    . Building something yourself will probably work out better in the long run than some spur of the moment improvisation.
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  4. you can go to wally world and in the same section tha had the "Y" splitter will have some "light-bulb plug-ins" its something to screw the bulb into and plug in an outlet. in small spaces you can cram a shit ton of light mounting a power strip upside down using the light-bulb to plugin adapters and "Y" connectors.

    click my link and maybe my setup of cfl`s will help u out and spark some ideas.
  5. You have to wire those. Easy enough, just take an extension cord, cut off the female end, strip the wires, and hook it up.

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