Noob question on making a home made bong

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  1. Ok guys, new smoker here. Allright so ya i guess im just wondering what teh best method for making a home made bong is... I have a pipe, so maybe using that for the bowl could be part of it? But ya, again i'm pretty much a noob so just any suggestions would be helpful. :)
  2. Yeah that ones good but he probably doesnt have all of those materials. You would probably be better off by making a ghetto ass piece of shit for a one time use. Get a gatorade bottle, put a hole on the bottom half anywhere, then take some tin foil and shove it down that hole and make a bowl with the foil too. then, seal up teh gaps around the foil with gum or clay or anythign like that. Make a small hole slightly higher than the original hole and use that as a carb. DONT USE THIS A LOT. that tin foil will fuck with you, only use this a few times then trash it.
  3. When I made homemade bongs, back before I just went out and bought one, ;) I always used a bottle for the chamber, a pen for the stem and the bowl would be a carrot. Carrot bowls are easy to make though it may cause the bong to fall over when you put it down if the carrot bit is real big. It works really well however with a bit of practice and it perfectly safe to use.
  4. ive actually made a bunch of waterfall bongs or other contraptions using a small spoon/pipe as a bowl. The hardest part is finding a way to interface the bowl with a bottle or something to contain the water or ice.

    For example, i have some tubing called macroline (air supply tubeing for paintball) that with a little bit of sanding fits into the end of my old spoon. after u got a tube then u just gotta drill the right size hole in a bottle and seal it some how.
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    If you got an air guage and a socket use those for the stem and bowl.
    Empty out the air guage so all you have is an empty pipe (few pliers perhaps I have done it) then find a socket (ones with the round hole are best) that will fit onto the tube nicely, the one I used was perfect, just about air tight but I could easily pull the socket off to clear the chamber.
    For the chamber, just use any small gatorade or water bottle you have laying around, make the hole really carefully if you want to avoid using a lot of tape.
    If you don't got screens laying around to put in the socket piece you can use a screen from a faucet if it's safe material or just don't grind your buds up, just pick them apart a bit.
  6. its pretty ghetto but it works GREAT, what i do is take a metal socket and twist a rubber band around the outside to make it air tight :D ive used it on all my home made bongs and its never failed me :]

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