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  1. Ok well my ph in my res is waaaaaay too high. 7 to be exact. I have a ph down on order but I am wondering if any of you seasoned growers know of any tricks to safely lower my ph for a few days till my order arrives?
  2. Go to the petstore and get some ph down used for aquariums
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    I didn't think of that. I quess if it's safe for fish it's safe for mj.
  4. lemon is ph solution....
  5. Well everyone thanks for the recommendations, my package just arrived from fedex. Time to fix my girls
  6. Make sure to PH balance after you add nutes to water..not before. After adding nutes you will see it change radically. My tap water is 8.0 on average and when I add nutes goes to 4.0. Then I correct it.
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    Thanks for the info. I am slowly adjusting it by adding nutes and the ph down .5 gallons every hour. Will that be enough time for the ph to balance before adjusting again. I don't want to over do it and create another problem.
  8. all your doing is making them suffer by doing that. mix the food and ph it and be done. recheck every hour till tis settles down then do it 2 to 3 times a day. adjust as needed if needed.
    and it dont matter if ph goen in first as long as we know where we will end up with adding foods. not recomended for newer guys or moving foods around alot. you actualy use less ph doing it before the food
  9. Well I have everything good now. Ph is 5.8 plants are looking spectacular again. Thanks for the replies people.

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