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Noob question, is there any point in not grinding up all my weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yamato, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. So basically I just bought a grinder, 90% of the time I smoke it's out of a bong (but I bought the grinder cause I do enjoy the occasional joint or if I'm on the go) and I was wondering if there's anything bad about just grinding up all my weed and storing it?

    Sorry, this is probably a really stupid question :confused:
  2. Not for years but for days sure
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    There is nothing wrong with it, but I imagine it would last longer in nug form.

    Whenever I get a new pick up I take half of it and grind it up and try to collect as much kief as possible. Than I use the ground weed for Joints/blunts and the kief and nugs for pieces.
  4. My wife and I use to do that, but we found out that we smoked more because it was already ground up.

  5. Do you mean you had to smoke more to get the same high? Or you just happened to smoke more because it was already there for you to do it lol
  6. You will lose trichomes and potency when you grind 100% of the time. It's kind of like coffee beans - if you want the best flavor you don't grind your beans until right before you make the coffee, same thing with MJ. It will also store better left in nugget form.

  7. Thank you, this was exactly what I was looking for. I'll just grind it right before I use it then.

    Thanks :hello:

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