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Noob Question. Have Mercy on me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HarukiBZ, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. So i was smoking for a first time from my glass pipe. Everytime I lit up the bud and inhaled. It tasted like ashes, or burned taste. I thought I was suppose to taste the marijuana? It doesnt feel like im tasting it at all. I searched what to expect to taste from smoking it and alot of people said fruity,sweet,piney etc. and i thought I would be able to tasting that.
    Idk whats happening

  2. You're not really going to get the flavor from a glass pipe.  Water based pieces like bongs/bubblers will help bring out the taste.  Vaporizers or course gives you the best.  Also using a lighter(butane) takes away from the bud's taste.  Using a glass wand helps that butane taste. 
  3. You get the best taste from high quality weed. If your weed is lower quality, it probably won't have a strong hint of anything fruity, piney, etc.
  4. Also its an acquired thing at first you are just going to taste smoke but then youll notice the subtleties of different strains flavors...if you want to get a good taste without the burned part, pack a clean pipe and lightly draw on it without lighting and you will taste a good flavor of the bud.
  5. My bud usually smokes very smooth and tastes piney, but I smoke okay of a glass spoon (bowl) as well and you definitely won't get a lot of taste from it unless you know what to look for.
  6. Try giving your pipe a wash, mines getting pretty nasty now tbh, doesn't really taste of weed anymore.. :/
  7. Yeah, reg taste like crap sometimes.  Is this your first time smoking out of a new pipe? or is it a hand me down?  If it is, I'd soak it down with some rubbing alcohol and attack it with a few Q-tips and pipe cleaners.
  8. as someone up there said its an acquired taste. its going to take a while for you to distinguish between different smokes. for a while youre just going to taste burning plant matter, which is what you were describing. 
  9. The pipe probably wasn't the cleanest. Pipes and bongs tend to taste like resin or shitty tokes after a while. Try smoking a joint. Way better for taste.
  10. well its possible your getting scooby snacks, but also dont torch the bowl, keep the lighter away and as you suck watch the flame get drawn to the bud and keep it as far away as you can while lighting the bowl.

    I once had a guy pack just a fat fkn bowl and talk shit like hes king kong of smoking, and the guy just completely torches the whole top of the bowl for days and got no hit cause he packed it to tight and didnt know how to properly start it

    When he did that, my roomate and I looked at each other like, " OMFG HES SHITTING ON THIS BOWL "
  11. where could someone get a glass wand?
  12. I personally don't even smoke dry pieces because the taste is to repulsive. Water pipes get you so much more baked because you can get bigger hits, and they taste really clean.

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