Noob question about trichromes

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  1. I have this little runt that started flowering way before my other plants. I picked up a one of those 60-100x pocket microscopes from Radio shack because it looks like its getting close to harvest. My problem is that I am having a hard time holding it on the plant and getting it to focus without me moving. I can see the trichromes at quick glances, but cannot get a nice long still look at them to see how far along it is. Can I clip a little piece of one of the leaves or something to get a still look at them? Help Im a beginner!
  2. Yeah, clip a piece and get it on a dark surface (make sure its a leaf about an inch or two from the top). Then put the microscope over top of it and turn the light on. You should now be able to see! Those microscopes work great! I so have one!

    Good Luck!
  3. whats the best part of the plant to look at the trichs?
  4. the bud is the best part and u want them to be a creamy milky color. about a 30 to 1 ratio of creamy milky colored trichs to auburn colored. if the majority is already auburn then its to late and u should pick immediately. REMEMBER TO CURE for best taste and potency.

    High Times:smoke:
  5. also u can always go out and buy one of the handheld scopes from most headshops. i have a 60x handheld that works great,i got it at waterbeds & stuff.
  6. these images helped me alot its in the sticky


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