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Noob Pothead in a religious home

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by YoungWildFree69, May 11, 2012.

  1. Hello all.
    I recently got some Grass from one of my friends. I have never smoked weed before, but I've been high and I've had cigarettes. My family is quite religious and I'm not a part of that. I need some advice on how and where to smoke living with them from anyone with knowledge on this sort of thing. Thanks!:D
  2. Also, I am not saying religion is bad, people can believe what they want, so please dont take offense
  3. 1) Get some stoner friends.
    2) Purchase the film The Union (the business of getting high)
    3) Watch it with your parents and say you heard about it on the news and was curious.
    4) Report back to GC headquarters

  4. Thanks for the reply
    For number one I have stoner friends just not many cause I live in the bible belt and for the second one I'll have to Check it out
  5. Bible belt... ouch
  6. Go smoke outside, preferably in the woods
  7. Look up church 420 and the verse in Genesis where it says God gives us all seed bearing plants.
    If you can't get your parents to accept it just keep it on the down low. Only smoke when you know for sure you cant be caught and be super cautious.
  8. [quote name='"DerekCA"']Bible belt... ouch[/quote]

    Haha Damn it feels good to live in Cali.
  9. The Union is free, here is a link, [ame=]The Union - The Business Behind Getting High on Vimeo[/ame]

    Also, just smoke outside or if you can drive go to a good location you know is safe. I am stupid about how I smoke some times and I often roady quite a bit, which is an awful idea.

  10. They don't accept it my mom said if she catches me with drugs she'll call the police it sucks living here I can't wait to leave
  11. Also my parents are gonna be gone for like 4 hrs on Saturday so should I use a joint or my lightbulb vaporizer idk which ones better
  12. the union isn't very affective when you show it to some people. they usually tend to dismiss it as "hippie propaganda"
  13. [quote name='"smokeafatblunt"']

    the union isn't very affective when you show it to some people. they usually tend to dismiss it as "hippie propaganda"[/quote]

    True, I feel like this kids parents will.probably be some what ignorant as many people who are against marijuana tend to be. You can't argue against ignorance
  14. Ask your parents why they would want to leave a permanent record on you, stopping you from getting jobs, continuing education, etc... over a harmless plant? That's crazy.

  15. You probably shouldn't get high if they're only gonna be gone 4 hours. I know my first time smoking I was high for a good 6-7 hours before I was comfortable being around people. Wait til they're gone all day at work or something.

    Or move out.

    Yeah. Move Out.

  16. Dude.... Gross.
  17. You're gonna get caught, and in a few months you'll be back on here asking, how can I pass their drug tests?

    Incouraging someone to drive under the influence is a bit wreckless, not a good idea.
  18. First off smoking and driving is OK, new studies have shown it's basically harmless if YOU'RE comfortable with it. So, go on a roadie, if you've got your own car; just dont over do it. Let that first hit creep up on you then see how you feel.

    In order to smoke discreetly you will NEED a small piece, homemade, glass, whatever - invest in a chillum somehow, get a case for it and stash it up really good from your parents (like really, really, really hide it well).

    Only smoke outside my man, don't exhale inside ever - if you're parents remotely suspect something sounds like they'll be the type to look out for any smell, pot scraps... Etc.

    And DO NOT watch The Union with your parents seriously that would be the worst move you could possibly make - ever. Avoid the subject of pot altogether. I grew up in a conservative Islamic/Roman Catholic family and these choices saved me a few times until I got older and moved out.

    Small pipe - you can toss it.
    Outside - no smell
    Above all though just blaze the herb and enjoy.
  19. man what a combo. that must have been interesting. haha
  20. Yea, DON'T show them The Union. It's not going to change anyone's mind if they're not open to having their mind changed.

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