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  1. is this good nutrients to use? im worried cuz it says slow release

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  2. im using cow manure and i want to use this as my nutrients cuz i cant get any more stuff due to budget
  3. Its hard to read it. What's the NPK? I can read the p and k numbers but not the n
  4. heres a better pic

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  5. 9% nitrate nitrogen
    .25% ammoniacal nitrogen
    .75% water soluble nitrogen
    sulfur 3%
  6. got the percentages in this pic

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  7. Might be okay for the veg but you will need something different or more for flowering.
  8. whatshould i use for during flowering?
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    You'll need something with a higher phosphorus and potassium levels. Miracle grow makes a "bloom booster" for about $5-$6 or you can get orchid bloom booster for about the same price. I suggest getting the Fox Farm trio but the three will run you about $45 to $50+
  10. i heard not to use anything miracle grow
  11. Go to order Fox Farms Nute Trio. Its eveyrthing you need from start to finish there large bottles will last a while. It even comes with a idiot proof feeding chart that tells you exactly what to put.

    Theres plenty of other kinds of nutes but Fox Farms makes it easy and idiot proof. If you dick that up then you got some probs.

    You keep guessing on what to feed them you'll just end up killing your plants. Plants can go a while without any nutes but use to much or the wrong kind you can kill them fast.

    Its kinda like a human. You can go about 30 days without food if you had to.... but try feeding yourself something bad or poisonous and you will find that you kneel over dead pretty quick.
  12. I agree. Don't mess around. Just save up and get the fox farm trio. They will last a few grows depending on your crop size
  13. ight cool thats what i go with
  14. will i need to end up flushing with the fox farm?
  15. because i want to go organic
  16. You'll have to flush every couple weeks but I think you'll have to flush no matter if you're going organic or not
  17. how do u flush?
  18. If I have my plants in one gallon pots, I keep adding PH water until I get at least a gallon of run off water. I also test the run off towards the end of the gallon to see what the Ph is at

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