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  1. Ok im so a total noob to growing and im so confused on mixing and adding nutes. First of im doing a dwc with a 4 gal rubbermaid tote growing two autoflowers and im not at the point of where i need nutes but i have some questions. When i mix it half strength do i also use just a half gallon jug? Then after i mix it how do i add it to my rez? Do i drain half gallin from it and add it to the rez?Kevieboy420
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    If it's 1 scoop per gallon and you use half a scoop and half a gallon then it isn't half strength, it's full strength. So use 1 gallon and half the nutes.
    You should maintain the level water at a certain point as your plants will be drinking it. If it's time to add nutrients then add them when you refill, don't go out of your way to add a gallon of nutrients all at once.
    ALSO get a PPM metre, if you add too much then your plants suck it straight up and you'll get nutrient burn (very bad...!) There is no soil to slow the absorbtion.
    Edit: You should change your water every 2-3 weeks to avoid moss growth inside the tank.
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  3. Thank you finally someone answered my questions lolKevieboy420
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    Ok now how do i know when ive got enough ppm in each stage of growth? And when i top off my rez between changes do i add nutes too if my ppm is low?Kevieboy420
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    I've never done hydro but from what I understand there are rough guides online on how many PPM it should be at each stage of a plants life, I think growers take there PPM and if it's low they slowly add very diluted nutrients until it's in the correct range.
    You also get different nutrients at different stages, the main ones are phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium and nutrients are marked 5-5-5 or 20-5-20 to show different levels of each nutrient. Look it up, you might have to spend a bit of money but just buy things as and when you need them.
    I think google is your best friend here, read every article you can on DWC cannabis and then lookup parts you aren't sure about, also a tonne of great vids online and don't be scared of the 30min+ ones because they're usually worth watching, hydro can be messed up easily or give you dynamite results haha, goodluck.
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  6. Thanks for the input i appreciate itKevieboy420
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    No problem :smoke: , btw maybe next time post here there's less traffic there but everyones into hydro
  8. Oh yeah lol the might helpKevieboy420

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