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  1. Plants are about 6 weeks old. 400 watt MH 18" above plant tops. Temps stay between 75-80 and Rh is 46%. Flora Nova nutes 600 ppm. PH is about 5.5-6.0. I've been hand watering them in 1.5" rockwool cubes, twice a day. I know they should have been transplanted weeks ago, do you think this is why the roots are brown?also the leaves are spotting, I don't know if I need more nutes or what. Need your guys help please, don't want to kill all 18 of my plants my first grow. Oh yeah the strain is NL and b-52.

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  2. I'm new to all of this but I'm going to take a hack at it.

    The PH is low, from what I've read you need to up it to 6.5-6.8!

    But I think your main priority should be to transplant them to larger pots, it seems as though you are stunting them, no, KILLING them by leaving them in those small cubes.

    It might already be too late, but let's wait and see what others have to say ;)
  3. He's doing hydro, so his pH is ok. Browning roots, are they getting enough oxygen? I don't know much at all about hydro, I just wanted to chime in to keep you from changing pH. 5.8 I believe is perfect for hydro, no? But yeah I think rotting roots are usually caused by sitting in old water too long. Check the link in the first sticky, there's a section there on root rot, see if that helps any. Good luck!
  4. your watering too much, evident in both the roots and the drooping leaves

    try dropping your ph to 5.5 and look for changes within the next week or so
  5. You're using an E&F table so your plants aren't really going to grow roots downward very well. They're going to need a good medium to sit in that will allow a large mass of roots to grow.

    Look at the size of the plant and then look at that wee bitty rockwool cube.
    Your root structure should match your foilage and you're way off balance. I'd say the've done enough work staying alive and it's time to transplant and give them a vacation. :)

    They'll love you for it. :D
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    Well I'm pretty sure the problem is from not transplanting. I just got them in to their new homes and hopefully it's not to late. My nearest hydro shop is 2.5 hours away so that's been the delay. I've added pics of the transplant. I just hope the roots will take into the hydroton. Should I handwater around the rockwool cube in the hydroton until the roots travel down into the hydroton

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    Dude.... Take the plastic wrapping off of the rockwool if'n yer gonna bury them in the hydroton like that.

    You want the roots to be able to expand out in all directions.

    If you had dropped the cube onto a slab of rockwool, I would advise leaving the plastic on but I think you'll get better results without it at this point.

    You might even think about pulling them back out and carving an 1/8th inch of rockwool off each side to trim some of the yucky roots off before reburying them. Make sure the knife is very clean. :)
  8. hey man i am hydroing myself, and having the same problem with drooping leaves and over watering, let me know if they perk up, you may not see a difference in their growth for the first week after tramnsplant but they should be ok. My ph is 6.0 and my pplants seem to love it.

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