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[Noob] Need Buying Advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FuckinLegendary, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. I'm tryna buy some weed. I live in a pretty small town, but it's in Cali so there's prob weed around. I have like one friend who has a lot of access to weed, and he smokes me out all the time, but wont let me pay him for it, and says he doesn't sell. Any advice on how I can get some weed in my area?

  2. Tell your friend that you want to buy weed and you won't take no for an answer.  Or find a new friend.  Or walk to the ghetto and ask the first sketchy person you see.
  3. It sucks trying to find your first dealer, but see if your friend can at least hook you up with his connect. It's really all about networking and who people know so just ask around and I'm sure you'll land someone.
  4. Ask your friend who wont sell to you if he can hook you up with his dealer. if hes a real bro he'll hold you down. Just make sure he knows you are really looking for a consistent connect
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    ive seen this asked many times
    my advice to you, if your friend is weird about his dealer (a lot are ime), is to just start profiling. skate parks, the beach?, where the kids hang out after school, etc.
    im guessing i dont have to describe the stereotypical stoner to you. (i have a weird thing about getting my picture taken XD)
    also depending on your living situation you could grow. ive seen whole setups in a computer chassis.
    lastly (because im not quite sure if its taboo)
    It is.
    all i can think of atm

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