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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by closetbotanist, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. hey guys first grow plants about 15,16 days old starting to kind of yellow,there under a shop light with 2 cool white bulbs untill fri. when i will upgrade to some better cfls,temp stays around 80 or high 70's humidity stays around 60% for venting i just leave the closet door open with a fan going i had the light real close to the tops not touching though now there about 3" from tops soil is jiffy pot brand seedling mix no ph meter i was misting them with bubbly co2 water but stopped sorry pics wont upload:confused:
  2. Honestly from personal experiance you wont get many answers without pics it sucks. Also with out oics you need to describe the problem a bit better, are the bottom leaves yellow or the top ones, are you using nutrients to feed? What's the watering schedule and do your self a favor and get a ph test kit, if your ph is ok then it could be a nitrogen deficiency, that is if the bottom leaves are yellow. If your watering and not checking the soil to see if it is dry then you could be over watering, if ph is off that results in nutrient block out.
    Pics are golden in diagnosis.

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