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  1. I am really new to this whole making Hash, BHO, ect... But so far ive been looking into BHO, how to make the liquid for Vap pens. Now where im from the grade of flowers
    are really shitty. But I really would like brands for butane, extractors, and the other what nots im gonna need. Now i would like stuff that is gonna last me a long time and is durable, but good price. Next question to all of you that have made the liquid for vap pens, does the propylene glycol have short or long term affects if their is any? Thanks for everyones input in advance.
  2. I have 40 gram glass tubes, use some 7X butane. All that stuff is cheap and not what determines quality.
    To make anything worth a damn you have to use the top shelf bud. So you need a grow op first. Its no cost effective to buy bud unless you are in good with growers.
  3. Well im not in a area where growing weed is legal, grwoing is not a option. How much butane to how much bud?
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    dont do any of this without reading through some of these BHO threads. I can already tell you have no clue what you're doing, please read about what you're doing so you dont blow yourself up or make poison.
  5. Thanks Jimmy but im not that dumb lol. ive been reading and watching lots of videos. I want to read them but their are so many with just plan nonsense. And i just want names of brands of butane and extractors ect. of what im gonna need . What i most concerned about is the making of the liquid for the vap pens. I want to know more about propylene glycol, I know of it and but not enough, so i want to know experience users. And i have handle way more dangerous things than butane. But thanks for the concern. :)
  6. try and find Lucienne, or Newport but Lucienne is better.
    I would recommend 100% vegetable glycerin over the PG

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