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    I have two strong plants left. Even though I started growing them around the same time, one of them starting flowering significantly earlier. I think it might have been because I was messing around with the plant more by bending and snapping branches because I read that that's good for the plant because it's like exercise or that the stress can make it stronger.

    My emergency is regarding the plant that is close to being ready to harvest. This is my first grow and I'm a noob so I didn't get a microscope. I ordered one tonight but am concerned it may arrive too late. Should I harvest the plant now?

    I took these pics 2 days ago. I pulled some bud off the bottom of the plant tonight and zapped it in the microwave and smoked it and it got me medicated so maybe it's ready (I'm concerned about this because I read afterward that if you mess with the plants when they're flowering and cut them that the plant might freak out and turn into a hermaphrodite and starting using all of it's energy to make seeds, is this true?)? The plant seems to have a lot of crystals now so maybe it's ready or could there be more crystals if I wait longer? Should I wait for the microscope? Wwyd? Thanks.




    I heard that I'm supposed to stick the plant in the dark away from the sun for the last 3 days before harvest because that helps for some reason. Is it too late now that I pulled bud off the plant? It was only a couple small pieces from the bottom. Is it going to turn into a hermaphrodite and make seeds it I don't cut the rest of it down? Should I put it in the dark away from the light for the next 3 days and then harvest or should I let it keep getting the 12 hours a day of sun for a little longer before cutting?

    This is a picture showing the little plant that is pretty ripe next to the big plant that's just starting to flower. I only topped the bigger plant once, and never bent the branches so maybe that's the reason it started flowering later? Is it bad to break the branches on the plant or should you be stressing it out a little bit?



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  2. It all depends on what lighting your using and nutrients, growing medium etc but from those pictures it looks like it's got a long way to go.
    They say wait til the buds look like their ready to harvest and then give it at least another two weeks.
    It's very hard to harvest too late and very easy to harvest early.
    The last 2 - 3 weeks of flowering are the most important for putting on weight.
    So I would say give it another two weeks.
    You also have to flush t he plants of any nutrients otherwise you will be smoking nutrients and that's not nice but looks like your growing in soil so maybe you did use nutes.
    Be patient, give it a little more time and it will be worth it.

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  3. I only used nutrients in the beginning. I used the fox farms ocean forest and added Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5 1 1 to the water once every week or two when the plants were young before they started flowering. Once they started showing signs of flowering I cut out the fish fertilizer because I heard that you don't want to smoke nutrients as you mentioned.

    I didn't really put a lot of work or research into this as I'm sure is obvious. I just wanted to use this first crop to get my feet wet but now I'm this far in I would prefer to get more weight and quality from the buds if possible. I will wait and let them continue getting 12 hours light a day. Thanks.
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  4. Just to be clear, I'm talking about soon harvesting the plant in the top 3 pics. The big plant with the tiny flowers is obviously a long way off from being ready.
  5. Will the fact that I cut a couple pieces off tonight cause the plant to hermaphrodite?
  6. Nah I doubt it. You're probably fine... I'd suggest you refrain from pulling more off though. You're losing out on weight it would be packing on.

    Anyways I'd wait at least another week on the smaller plant.

    To try and see the trics I've used my smartphone with the "macro" photo function.
    Zoom in on a bud and it get it the most focused you can, you'll need one hell of a steady hand... maybe prop the phone up, and then transfer that picture to a computer. With it super zoomed and seeing it on a bigger screen you can see the color of the trics
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    Thank you. I read that I should add a carbohydrate to the water in the last week or two? Is brown sugar or molasses preferable? What about a product like bud candy? Should the water be warm?
  8. Though plants look no where near done.

    Also they look to be revegging. How long have they been flowering?

    What kind of lights are you using
  9. Leave the plant alone till the scope gets there. Letting it go a few more days while you wait just intensifies the strength of the plant after cure. TWW
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  10. Ok, I will leave the plant alone and give it another 2 weeks of light. This is a picture of the plant taken around May 29th. Is this bad that the plant has been flowering this long? Why are the flowers taking so long to mature?



    I ordered some blackstrap molasses and plan to add that to the water next time. Does anyone know if the water should be warm? Is water temperature important? I bought these 2 Marshydro 300 led 140w lights:

    2PCS Mars Hydro 300 Led Grow Light Lamp 140w True Watt For Medical Veg flowering
  11. I looked up revegging and this is the first time the plant has ever produced flowers. I haven't picked any off before until last night. I didn't take much, just a couple bowls.
  12. I don't think so but I'm not too sure. Fairly new to the game myself.

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  13. No problem, I appreciate the advice from all of you. I am letting the plant continue on the regular light cycle until I can examine it with the microscope.

    I just have 4 more main questions at the moment...

    Do you guys practice bending the branches of the plant and snapping them ever so they can heal back? I've heard that it's important to do this. Is there an optimal time to do this like in the preflowering stage or is it just a waste of time and stressful for the plant?

    Do you guys use rock dust or add beneficial fungi and bacteria for the roots when you start the plant?

    What are your thoughts on adding a little blackstrap molasses to the water at this stage? Would it help? What about mixing brown sugar in warm water?

    I heard that you should sit the plant in the dark for a few days at the very end of flowering right before you harvest to maximize potency. Have you guys heard of or tried this? Thanks for the input.
  14. Hi guys,

    I have some disturbing developments on my plants.

    One of the plants has this weird orange scum on it. Is it mold? Is the plant ruined?


  15. Also, a couple leaves are dying. Should I pull them? Am I doing something wrong? I haven't taken PH into account. I just give the plants water now. Someone suggested a month or two ago that I may have a mold issue when I noticed small white powdery spots on some leaves, so I made an organic spray awhile out of water, jojoba oil, sesame oil, cinnamon oil, and garlic oil. The weather has been pretty mild and not that humid for the last few months here in So Cal. I sprayed the concoction on the leaves and soil a few times over the last couple months but didn't notice much difference.

  16. Yesterday was the first time I noticed the big leaf was dying

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