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  1. Hey everyone. Appreciate the wealth and sharing of knowledge on here. Like the subject line states, I’m a new guy with a bunch of questions.

    Trying indoor hydroponic growing in both a tent (LA Gardens; 2x2x3) and a SuperCloset Stealth Box, the 200w small one, similar dimensions to the tent (with a 3’ square canopy).

    Off the bat, in using a hydroponic system like a water farm or the SuperPonics system, what should the pH range be (5.8ish?)? How about the TDS - I’m completely lost on that one. I guess the lower the number the less the concentration of nutrients? What’s a good range for that?

    Also, regarding the box, it’s currently using a 200W CFL but the temps are well above 90 deg despite everything. What would be a good choice for a screw in lamp that would work that would help with the heat issues?

    I’m hoping despite my efforts something will still grow, harboring my hope on the fact it’s a weed after all.

    Appreciate any assistance, thanks.
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    Hey man

    here is a PH chart for Hydro and soil

    In my DWC I ph my water to 5.5 and its got a natural upswing, so after a few days it will have moved up to 6.0ish

    How To Determine Your Plants Preferred Nutrient Strength
    The above link ^^^ will explain how to figure out your specific plants preferred Nute Strength

    what ever the package instructions say for you nutrient strength cut that to 1/4 strength to start with.

    I'm not familiar with CFL's or tiny grow boxes, I would imagine an intake and exhaust would help a lot

    where do you plan on getting the water from?
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  4. haha, I think I see a thank you in there somewhere

    your welcome!
  5. Water right now is from tap. I considered using either distilled or spring but read about calcium in the tap water that may help.
  6. leave it out in a bucket/container for 24 hr to evaporate any chlorine before using for any hydro.

    also you'll want to check you tap water PH and PPM/TDS/EC before adding anything to it. Not ALL tap water is suitable for hydro
  7. Awesome, again thank you. I have to read up on all the TDS stuff

    Much appreciated.
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  8. Use RO water, the best.
    Now I have clones working, the PPM is 160
    I have some in late veg, ready to flip the switch tomorrow I think. PPM is right at 700
    Early Veg 400-500
    Early flower 700
    Mid flower 800
    Late flower maybe up to 900-1000 depending on how the strain acts, may have to lower the early flower to 600 and mid to 700.
    Week before cut, change water, and keep PPM's around 200
  9. Thanks! How do you adjust the ppm, by adding more nutrients or water?

    And RO water, how do you go about that, a RO filter?

    Thanks again man, really appreciate it.

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