Noob harvesting time?

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    4B2E93C8-961F-4914-9B2A-6BD9CEE1A8BF.jpeg hello All.
    I am waiting through my first grow. I think the majority of my plants are two weeks out from harvest. I do have one that is stunted in growth and seems to be ripening faster. I stuck some photos up hoping to get some input on how long I might have on this little one. Is she ready? Thank you for any and all assistance

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  2. You should switch to 18/6 for 3 days and then chop down
  3. Do you mean no lights for 3 days?
  4. No I mean reveg and reflower for double yield
  5. Thank you
    Guess I could have added it is a skunk 1 auto. 19/5 light/dark schedule
    I can definitely give more dark

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