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  1. Okay so, thank you for viewing thread. Im a first time grower, i do not know the ph level. i dont have anything to test it with... yet. last night when i got home from work. i notice that one of the leaves on the bigger plant had very little brown spot on the leaf. this morning when i woke up, i turned on my grow light and the leaves on the bigger plant look like this are twisting i want to say? i think it might be from over watering, i keep them in a bowl of water and let the soil soak up the water till today. maybe the plant is getting burn from the soil? (( used miracle-gro moisture control and some soil from in the back yard.)) so yeah, maybe the plant is getting burned from the miracle-grow? Here are some pics i took with my phone. sorry the pictures are a little burly.
    Light time 15on 8 off give or take.

    im going shopping today to get stuff i need for a grow box. i want to get PH tester, i have alot of white LED lights that im going to use. and a new type of soil. anything else you think i should get?

    (pic with finger by plant is where the little brown spot is)

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  2. bumb for the new guy :wave:
  3. What type of light are you using? it looks like your plants arnt gettin enough light. and about the brown spot can you take more pics andpost them
  4. there not burned because there stretching. most likly you are using plant food and too much will couse dead spots. i say use water and lower the lights. but im not sure what the spots are from.

  5. Im Using a 75 watt bulb, I know i should change it out with something better. That is on the to do list. I will take more pictures of the spot once i find my camera.

    I haven't been using plant food. Ive only been using water. I thought feeding the seedling plant food in the veg stage is a bad idea? In one of the pictures you can see the bowl i keep them in. I would just keep water in the bowl and that seemed to keep the soil moist.

    also i have rocks at the bottom of the cup for filtering. when should i transfer them to a bigger pot?

    Thanks for Replying
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    75 watt bulb? like a regular bulb? yeah you might wanna look for a CFL light instead otherwise they wont be strong enough to support themselves. and yeah a new pic would help outa lot.i suscribed to the thread to try and help out alittle. EDIT: you can use plant food in veg state. just give em about 2 or 3 weeks and start using plant food.
  7. Okay so i still haven't been able to find my camera but i tried to point out the spots in question better. The spots have not really been growing or spreading... so far. they stayed on the one leaf. i got a better light too, i do not believe it is the kind i need so i will be out to the store again tonight.

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  8. try and get a cfl mate - it will help you out loads

    e2a: you are doing the right thing just feeding water at this stage
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    I put in a CFL light into the lamp today. But it didnt say daylight on the box so im not sure if i need to get a better light. EDIT: i didn't posted a pic of the light on the thread. but i will now.
  10. That light will do for the next couple of weeks but you'll soon need more light. The general rule of thumb around here is 100 actual watts minimum per plant. That depends on how you're growing, too.

    One of my flower areas is a SoG cabinet that only has 6-23w CFLs in it, and that works fine cause those particular plants will be less than a foot tall when fully flowered. In the other flower areas, my plants get 4-5 feet and need a bit more light to make 'em happy (make me happy, more to the point) :smoke:

  11. :smoke: good stuff ill change the light and do the trancesplant all at once. or well that put to much stress on the plant?
  12. hi peter, as wasabe said that light will do fine for now. what do you plan on using to flower them under though? did i read earlier you had led lights to use?... or was that one of they stoned moments i seem to have :D

  13. lights should be at 18/6, 20/4 or 24/0 aswell mate - worth investing in a timer for this ;)

    heres the bit about LEDs!! :)

  14. I do have led lights, but the problem is i just moved into my house. And I'm still unpacking so everything is in a mess. But once i find the lights ill be putting them to use. I'm not sure what lights I'll be using for the flowering stage.
    I want to but all my attention on getting the plant up to that stage. They are only 10-11 days old. What do you recommend?
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  16. the youngsters need to be protected from the direct sun right now. u can shade them under other plants in your garden if you choose to put them outside.

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