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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ToymachineHKD, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. just started growing cuz i've been interested for a few months and thought i'd try my hand at it. i planted a few seeds in plastic cups and i'm leaving the plastic cups on a shelf in a porch/sunroom in my house, i could really use some advice on where to go from here.....when should i expect sprouts, how long should i leave them in the cups before transplanting them outside, and, this may sound weird but, are there any plants that look similar to marijuana in its early stages? because my parents might get suspicious and i really don't wanna sacrifice the excellent amount of sunlight in the current (and future) spots. Thanks.
  2. Is your soil in the cups moist? If the top layer of soil is dry then mist it.Don't water, you don't want to disrupt tender sproutlings.Also place a clear baggie over your cups using elastic bands or tape.Your seeds should sprout within 3 weeks. It can be as fast as 3 days though, depending on the age and type of seed.Lift the baggy off of each cup for 5 min. everyday just to give it fresh air.Around 85 degrees is perfect to germinate seeds.
  3. did you germinate the seeds before you put them into the soil ? if you didnt then you should because this will help them on their way, and you will have a much higher rate of germination. if you did germinate them make sure you put the white tips down.
  4. Personally I have had much success starting seeds. I plant directly into moist soil and cover with a clear dome. I mist the dome and the pots daily. I also take the cover off for 5 minutes twice daily. Using this method I sprout 90% or better of my seeds. I find that there is no need to soak or use the paper towel method. Why change a ggod thing?

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