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  1. Hello all,

    Previously I've been growing in a greenhouse, but that's not seeming to work out since I can't find anything decent to clean the air with, so am thinking about getting a grow tent setup. Problem is I'm not really sure what all I need. Can anyone tell me what I'll need for 6 plants? My max budget is around 400$ sadly, so I need things that will work well for a decent price as well. I don't want to buy crap, but I also don't want to spend a ton when I don't have more than 400 currently.

    So far I'm looking at:
    This light,
    This tent,

    and then I'm really unsure what sized scrubber/fan I'm going to need. Any ideas?

    I'm not even positive on those choices either - would 48x48x80 be large enough for 6 plants? I'm willing to only grow 4 if necessary in order to spend less.

    I'm also curious, since the marshydro 300w lights are both on sale for 65$ right now is it possible to just get two of them instead of one 600w? Would that work the same?

    Also also, is there anything else I will need for the setup after the tent, light, and filter/fan? Are additional fans needed for air movement inside the tent as well?
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  2. that tent looks awesome i want one
    heres a fan: "Amazon sells the 440cfm apollo 6" centrifugal fan for $69 with a variable speed controller"

    after using the Mars 300W for my first grow i think.. that light alone will VEG a beast of a plant! shit, if i ever upgrade on lights im gonna use that for a VEG light and throw more lights in for flower… but i was satisfied with the harvest the smoke was great! smell,taste,dense,sticky.. the nugs that grew closest to the light were the best out of the bunch the lower nugs were less developed and not as good but are ok..(i did one plant/ one mars 300W plus 46W of CFL on the side)

    i’d rather get multiple 300W’s and use only 1 300W per plant !..becuz the space that light covers is limited it could only cover one plant max in Flower.. i wouldnt expect no more than 4 O’s per plant if you have one light per plant for 4 plants i’d get 4 300W’s ! you could do 6 in there with 5-7gallon pots.. however many you do adding CFLS as side lighting always helps

    Yes osc. fans moving air inside the tent are a must.. any fan will in each corner or something… other things .. (Humidifier, meter to measure temperature/humidity, scope to check trichs..) scrubbers are like $150 i’d skip that and get the fans unless smell is a bigger issue..
    theres alot better info on here in the ventilation and lighting sections.. i just thought i'd throw in some of my beginner experience
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  3. Hi paintedfrog
    I'm Sara from Mars Hydro, I don't think one Mars 600 is enough for your 4'x4' grow tent or 4 plants.
    The coverage of mars 600 is 2'x2.5', true watt is about 265w. it will better for plants that give 30-50w per sq ft. so for your 4'x4' grow tent, you at least will need 480w, which is 30w per sq ft.
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  4. Yes, I would agree, one plant one mars 300. in your 4'x4' grow tent, 4 plants are great.
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  5. hey, thank you for all the info!

    sadly the smell is an issue because of neighbors currently, so that's unfortunate to hear I'll need so many more lights 'cuz I don't really have the money for it. As far as that fan you linked goes, does that mean I need a 6" carbon filter as well, or would a 4" one possibly work for a 4x4 tent? I found a 4"x20" "phresh" filter for 65$, but really don't know what size I'd need for what amount of space - would that info also be in ventilation? I'll look there after posting this maybe

    hmm, is that for the BEST possible outcome? Or would one 600w just not produce anything with 4 plants? I don't really need the best right now since I'm on a tight budget and it's either get a tent and bring it inside or give up for this year and try again when I have more money.. so if I could just do one 600 or two 300s it fits more into what I can spend (400$ max)

    thank you for the information by the way
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  6. yes phresh is the brand i hear everyone likes.. and yes a 6" filter for the 6" fan not sure if you can use a 4" filter for a 6" fan but it makes sense to get the same size... the Ventilation FAQ thread has all the info..

    yea i say your best bet is 2 300W and 2 plants.. then add more lights/plants later.. with the 600W you'd have to squeeze both those plants under it.. rather than each plant having their own light..

    i hear a Gram per watt for yield is doing really good.. i had a total of 180W's (Mars300 135watts plus 46W CFLs) in a 4x4 for flower my first go and got almost 3 zips (around 80 Gs one plant)
    i've seen some dude on here get like 6-8 zips off of ONE 300W one plant have no idea how.. his name is HotBunz on here.. he probaly LST's or trims leaves off.. last run i didnt trim any leaves during veg and it was very bushy and awesome looking but light was getting blocked by big leaves from getting to the bottom half it couldve got better light.. so i tried trimming the biggest leaves off this run and trimmed off the lowest branches destined to become .1 suck buds like my last run..
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  7. If you are on tight budget, I would recommend choose two Mars 300. you can grow 4 plants with the two lights, and if you want bigger plants, you can add some sidelights, that will also give you good yields.
  8. Agreed!
    I know HotBunz, he grow awesome plants. Using scrog, LST or lollipop is indeed will increase the yields.
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    I'm wrapping up a grow right now (didn't do a grow journal but you can check instagram under the same name if you like) ... Went with 2x Mars 600 for a 5x5 Apollo tent (the Apollo tents are awesome). I used one 600 for Veg, input the second in flower. Ran 6 plants in 5 gal fabric pots. I went with 5x5 for more space, walking around, watering room, etc. Anyway, the Mars did great... a solid, get your feet wet, easy on the wallet LED light that does well and has proven track record (other grows on here). Heat was manageable, runs quiet and came with good wire/metal hangers and plugs. I used ratchet hangers with their hangers, buy some, they're really useful and work great.

    Good luck @paintedfrog
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  10. Thank you so much for your kind words, that's really inspiring and means a lot for our Mars:thankyou:
  11. It seems to me like it would be cheaper to just attach an inline fan and scrubber to the greenhouse, but what do I know?

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