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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by budc86, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Just want to know what some more experienced growers think of my set up so here goes:

    I'm planning on building a box that would roughly be 18"wX20"L"x49"H. My main question is would this be enough space for a single plant??? Minus the 7 inches for my lighting this would leave roughly 42 inches of space for the plant to grow. I'm awar that with the pot it would even be a little smaller than that. Would this be possible with some LST?? Just want to get some advice/input before I go building stuff. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. From what I've read, thats MORE than enough room for your plant(s)
  3. if your only gonna grow one plant that should be fine. if your going to low stress train it probably doesnt have to be that tall. make sure you leave room though for your electronic components like fans , and vents and stuff. also if you give me more details ican help ya out more. good luck man
  4. Well I am planning on using one 125 Watt 6400K CFL for vegging and a 125 Watt 2700K CFL for flowering with the compatible Hydrofarm reflector. I am also planning on using a few smaller CFLs for some supplemental lighting. I going to use a small PC fan to pull the air out of the box and some sort of small fan on the plant. I want to start off with a basic set up and learn the tricks and then work my way into cloning and what not. Thanks for the replies and let me know what everyone thinks..
  5. I just replied to this over in the Beginner's Forum...please don't double-post.
  6. My bad toastybiz, I've done a lot of reading on the fourm but not a lot of posting. Won't happen again. I just thought if I posted in two relevent sections I'd get more feedback. I have one more question, if I was going to LST what would be the smallest height I would be able to build my box?? Or better put would be, what would be the minimum height required in a grow box for a single plant to have enough room to veg and flower?? The way I figrue smaller=more stealthier....
  7. People are always asking about the smallest, the cheapest, the fastest -- these are very hard questions to answer because it all depends on what you want to accomplish. You could grow a MJ plant in a thimble, but it would be an inch tall and have two leaves and you wouldn't get any smokable bud.

    The more height you can give the plant to grow the more bud it will generate for you. Whatever the total interior height of your space, think of it being divided into four zones:

    - at the bottom is the height of your pot
    - at the top is the drop-down height of your light
    - below that is air space between the light and the plant
    - what is left is the allowable height of the actual plant above soil

    To grow a plant out well using LST I think you still need about 18 inches minimum for the plant height, and then you have a good shot at several ounces per plant. If you want to flower it early then maybe 12 inches height and an ounce or less per plant.

    I recommend you stick to the 4' or so height you originally had planned. FWIW, my box is about the same height and it works well using LST, kitty litter bins, and a HPS/MH (with CFL supplementing). But no room to spare -- my box gets pretty filled up. Less height can be done, but you will have to go to flower earlier and compromise on your yield.
  8. Thanks for the reply toastybiz, that all was the kind of information I was looking for. I have one more question about my ventilation I've been pondering. Should I put the pc fan up high or low in the back?? Im planning on having one hole for intake and then the pc fan to pull the air out where would you suggest I place these on the back of my box???
  9. I recommend putting the fan up high, above the bulbs if possible and draw the air in from the bottom, across the plants, past the lights and then out. I'm using a bathroom vent fan in my grow box and it has kept the internal temps at plant level right at ambient room temp.

    Note that the fan I'm talking about is that silvery looking box attached to the left side of the light section.
  10. Exhaust definitely high up, heat rises.

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