[Noob] First time setup - Is 400W enough?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HipHopHead421, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Hello growers!

    I have been obsessing with this for the last couple of months, and I believe it's finally time to start my own personal growth of some plants.

    I have read some articles, youtube videos and whatnot. But I still have some questions, as I can probably foresee you guys will be my help in the future, and I hope you will!

    Anyways, on my search to find a good first setup, this caught my eye, for about 350€:

    Tent: Dark Street V2.5 DS90

    Light: HPS 400W

    Intractor: VENTS vk100

    Extractor: VENTS TT100

    Fertilizing Kit

    Soil: Janeco-Light 50L

    Filter: ODORSOCK 100


    2x Easy rollers


    5x Pots

    Now, couple os questions:

    With this tent, how many plants will I be looking to be able to put inside comfortably?

    As I've seen, this tent should be 90cm x 90cm x 1.7m (36" x 36" x 64"). My plan was to plant around 4 plants (or enough yield to last me enough until the next plants are harvested), but I want to make sure I can do it without the plants fighting for space.

    If the room is enough, do you think 400W will be enough for a happy and big harvest? I am pretty sure it is, I just want to make sure, because if I am investing in this, I really want everything to go okay.

    How much yield am I looking at approx. knowing i'm a first time grower with this type of setup? I will be regularely checking with you guys my plants!

    Also, Is there any youtube channel/book/Website/Tutorial you guys recommend I watch/read/see?

    I am so excited. Thank you so much!
  2. Go on my profile and check out my first grow I'm in the drying process now. I think I did great and I didn't have a setup anywhere near as good as that. I'm sure you'll do great just keep it simple

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  3. @Exzyro your plant looks so good man! I will be checking out your post and probably doing my own. Mind if I ask you a few things in the process, if I need?

    Cheers bro
  4. Well it was my first grow but if they are any questions that relate to any of my experiences I'll definitely try my best to answer!

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  5. I have a tent with the same dimensions as yours, you could fit 4 plants if you want, probably not anything more than that. How big are the pots for your plants? That'll be one of the more important factors in how big the plants will grow. I have 2 plants in my tent inside 3 gallon pots, i could have definitely fit 4. It probably would get a little crowded but honestly I wish I did that because now I feel like I'm wasting a lot of light and space. Which means also losing yield
  6. 1 plant or 10 yield will be similar. 400w is good for a 3x3. You should do fine. But it's all dependent on you. Start a journal and post regularly. There's plenty of people here that'll help if needed. Welcome to the community!
  7. I am going to do it with 3 gallon pots too! I am so excited man!
  8. There is a ton of valuable info right here. There are other sites, but like this one the best. With a 400w ideally you could end up with 400g . 1. Gram per watt is the standard for an experienced grower with proper conditions. Some can get 1.5 gpw most lots less. Read the forums and check out the grow journals. I have learned so much from them. You think it's exciting now, wait till they start growing. Good luck.
  9. Having a harvest get me 400g would be a dream. Having half of that would already be awesome! I already ordered everything and am waiting for it to arrive. Only need to choose the strain. Do you think auto flowering for the first time would be a smart ideia?

  10. Also, When I start germinating and putting them into a cup... I will put them straight into the tent. How close to the cup should I regulate my 400W HPS light in germination stage?
  11. Autos are fun. And fast. But in my experience it's low yield on returns. There's guys here that have it down to a science and get great yields but I think that comes with experience. Photo plants are nice cause if you do have issues at least in veg you can just veg a little longer and get your girls healthy before you flip to flower.
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  12. I will take your advice. Fem it is
  13. Yeah 400 would be nice wouldn't it. Did you order an MH bulb? The hps is what you want to flower with. I agree with @Gro_Darkstar as far as autos go. I loved the one I grew, but the yield wasn't really worth the time and effort that I put into it. Going to grow more in time, to hone my skills with them. When you learn to grow autos correctly, some can pull an lb per plant.
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  14. I only ordered the HPS bulb. Should I need another one for the Veg and Seedling state?
  15. A metal halide bulb for veg. You could start the seedlings under cfl bulbs if you want. You could actually use the hps bulb til the mh comes in. But, I wouldn't go through the whole veg cycle with it.
  16. Didn't we all start with 400 watts.................................
  17. I am sorry guys but you are going to help me being a bit more specific. I am looking for a MH light of how many watts? 400W too? Or is 250 enough?
  18. You can get one that has both. Mh and hps and they both run off the 1 ballast. 400w hps is perfect for your space. As is the 400w mh. That actually is a little higher than you need. Just pin it way up as high as you can in the tent.
  19. If you're just gonna get 1 or the other go with the hps though. It's much better than a mh in flower but they'll both get both jobs done.
  20. I already have a 400W HPS on the way. Question is, if MH makes such a difference in Seedling and Veg state, I can buy an MH and when we start flowering switch to the HPS... What do you think? Will I be able to get the job done with the hps only?

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