NOOB + Drool + Bong = Gross

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Sonymon, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Ever had someone drool into your bong while their hitting it.. totally fucks your high over cause then i don't want to hit that shit and i gotta clean it later.. uggh
  2. Yeah dude I fucking hate that! My friend drools in it and then like tries to suck everything back in when he's done with the hit... do you get what I'm saying? ahaha
  3. It happens often, especially if your taking a BIG hit. That's why I have a social bong and the bubs.
  4. lol nasty, never had that happen, I did see someone laugh mid toke into blowing bong water out the stem
  5. I'd be pissed bro that never happened to me but I know how you feel it's like when n00bs slobber all over the bowl or joint except a lot worse because you can't get rid of it unless you change the water >:[ I'd make them clean it and refill it.

    But yo I have this one friend who is an absolute beginner and I had to bring out half a roll of paper towels for him because of how much he kept slobbering after taking hits. It was ridiculous he just couldn't stop spitting after taking his rips :/ I had like a pool of spit on my deck.
  6. wow...its that serious that their spit travels down to the water....sick... they need to learn how to hold in their hits...
  7. oh, grow up. it's just a little spit and all you have to do is change the water.

    if you haven't drooled in your tube at least once, you don't get high enough.
  8. Yeh man, every time im blazed as having huge snappers
    i dribble like crazy, who cares you eat spider while you sleep.
  9. Yea no kidding. Big deal.
  10. haha ^^ word but it is nasty..
  11. I mean I guess but its just part of smoking out of a bong. Its hard when you have your mouth wrapped around a huge piece of glass and not drool a little bit. As long as the mouth piece isnt wet I could careless about whats on the ice or half way down the tube.
  12. yeah, forsure... i'd be lying if i said i never drooled in a tub, from massive rips :)

  13. hahah, i'd like to see you hit a tube
  14. ;)

  15. Hah I dont smoke out of baby bongs so yes my mouth is usually pretty damn open your perv:p
  16. lol thats a funny thought, you should post some milkshots from a tube.
  17. Yes.

  18. If I'm not mistaken you guys are being icky! :laughing:
  19. Lol@whoever said they wrap their mouth around the tube..

    man brotha post a milk vid.
  20. Maybe after class I can snap some pics milking and drooling in my friends roor. :p

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