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  1. Hi I currently have a 1000w cool tube light in a 4x4 tent, flowering bulb flowering schedule, out in veg I have 4 of 5 Barneys's seeds pineapple chunk sprouted, a few monster crop clones of big bud x nl from world of seeds, been breeding the cutting for months now, in fact I haven't smoke another strain since before Xmas I've produced so much of it, so this monster crop experiment will be easy to compare results as I know what to expect and note differences....

    In the flowering tent I have 2 big bud x nl plants (one is an experiment) and 3 ak48s from nirvana, first try going through flowering with them and of the 3 seeds it's 3 drastically different plants, one isn't even flowering too small one is bushy as hell and other is tall and thin, I will take some cuttings soon, they've only
    Been flowering a week!


    There's an ak48


    Monster crop clones, 4 of 4 rooted and are now planted

    [​IMG] some veg plants



    bushier ak48

    Things are set up slightly different now those were just pictures on my phone as I want to start the journal now, I'm gonna say day 1 on the fourth Barneys's pineapple chunk, I planted in a 5 gal smart pot using some ghetto led but it seems to be working, so much I may order Mars hydro led... Hang from room and just let it go I don't want to set up a second tent which I do have but its getting older

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