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  1. I signed up at a while back because I had to so that I could unlock something on another site. I'm not really a poetry writer, but it was required that I enter something so I quickly wrote down some thoughts. Eventually I get something in the mail saying my poem is going to be published. I think, "Wow, that's kinda neat seeing how I don't really write poetry." Now yesterday I got a letter in the mail saying my poem was chosen to go an a special cd, too. Even cooler. Too bad I'm not going to spend the amount of money they want to get the book my poem is in or the cd it's on. Anyways, I thought I'd share my poem after I made you sit through all that.

    Sometimes I fell nonexistant,
    Like my friends don't know I'm here.
    I question whether or not they are actually my friends,
    Whether they really care about me.
    I go over my past relationships,
    Few as they be and I wonder,
    Am I really here?
    Am I nonexistant?
    Does anybody really love me?
    If so, why can't I feel it?

    Ya, so what do y'all think. I'm always wary of things that give you good news and then want you to buy something so for all I know it may suck. They may have a marketing ploy to try to sell something to everyone who joins. It wouldn't be too hard to set something like that up. Do I have a twisted capitalist mind or what? Ok, don't answer that. Just give me your honest opinion, good or bad. :D
  2. it's nice... from the heart. i've always been a little weary of myself (same thing happened to me with one of my poems). the cd thing doesn't happen to everyone though... they choose like 30 some (i think that's it?) poems to be spoken on cd out of the millions of poems they have submitted... so that does go to show that it's good.
  3. so the cd thing is special? awesome. that kinda makes me feel good.
  4. yup i put somethin on there awhile ago and i too got a letter than i could buy my published poem in a book of 200 nature poems for the "low low price of only $50.00!!" no cd though

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