None of you are real, you're all just part of my imagination.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Agalloch, May 20, 2009.

  1. "None of you are real, you're all just part of my imagination.
    It's like a video game. Except all of you are NPC's, and I am the player character.

    Let me see if I can rewrite that statement so that it makes more sense:

    We are all somewhat real, we are all part of each other's imagination.
    It's like a video game. Except we are all NPCs, and we are all part of one character.

  2. I don't think humanity is a hivemind, sir.
  3. I heard my name? lol

    but what if my mind is just making you say that so i keep myself in check...?
  4. Maybe we are the same person playing different lifes each time.
  5. What if there were only like 2 people on this whole site? You and 1 dude with 500,000 accounts?
  6. if you want an abortion on your conscious then go ahead, whatever, good decision you think?\t

    Pot makes you stupid.

    RE: less then 1 month! im legal to drink in usa. wooooot

  7. Well, let me hear YOUR logic. What's the difference?? I just don't see it. Enlighten me.
  8. the power is in the people and the politics we address
  9. if i pried that single area of your brain out with a fork - i would still be here.

    i promise.
  10. I don't think everyone is a figment of "my" imagination, but there is some truth to "my" consciousness influencing reality.
  11. well actually everything we see is a construct made up in our mind so we dont know if anything were seeing is reality
  12. by reality I mean apparent reality.

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