None of you are real, you're all just part of my imagination.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Agalloch, May 20, 2009.

  1. That's a cop-out......

    The truth is that you keep asking for something and while you would probably know it if you saw it, you can't define it.

    Of course we all know what proof means, but I asked for your definition, as relative to this particular discussion, and you don't have one.

    Without knowing what proof is, there is no proof. Without proof, you can't prove a theory to be true or to be false, therefore, you have no theory.
  2. nope.

    just nope.

  3. Because if you randomly break into my house and try and smash my pots looking for rupees...

    Ill kill your ass.

  4. Dude, don't confuse something being irrefutable meaning that its true. Just because you can't prove something incorrect, doesn't mean it IS correct.
    I can't prove the moon isn't made out of cheese, but if I were to come to the conclusion that since I can't prove that the moon isn't made out of cheese, therefore it has to be made out of cheese, I'd get laughed at.

    Literally, there is no logical connection between the two, except for what your irrational mind deludes you into thinking.

    But then again, I could be wrong, and I was programmed to say this. :bongin:
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    Well don't we all exist inside your mind?

  6. good one:ey::love:

  7. God i quoted you earlier
    this thread should have died after what you wrote.
    This thread is fucking retarded
    Agalloch is sidestepping people's refutations of his retarded bullshit.

    If i was your fucking imagination, i'd revolt against you and take over
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    Why do you put so much faith into the statement that he is real?

    How do you come to that conclusion?

  9. what am i supposed to say? hes fake? ill take my chances and say hes just as real as everyone else...its a stupid question to begin with

  10. Why not?

    If you were to take chance, would it not be 50/50 split for real and un-real? If it is so, What pushes you to take one side over the other? You certainly are falling (heavily, it seems) towards reality rather than illusion.

  11. Folks, I gave you the wikipedia link. Trying to debate, or refute, or irrefute, (I made that a verb), or anything else relating to solipsism, much less metaphysical solipsism, will just give you a raging headache.

    Its probably the most logically irrefutable, immovable philosophy, and you're not going to get anywhere debating it. Its been tried before, and you will always meet the same impasse.

  12. saying hes unreal makes absolutely no i supposed to think hes a robot?

  13. And I suppose reality makes more sense?


  14. The whole point is there isn't any such proof that can prove anyone or anything exists outside of one's own mind.


    The whole point is that there is no way to prove that anything exists outside of my mind. It could all be a hallucination or a dream. It's called metaphysical solipsism.

    No I don't honestly believe in it, but it's an interesting argument because well... you can't refute it.

    Or if you can, none of you have yet. ;)
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    Whats a halucination? whats a dream?

    Thats like telling a schizophrenic that what hes seeing is simply his imagination.

    When you dream at night, that IS your reality.

    "Life" is an illusion.

    Your existence is your experience.
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    Prove invisible undetectable fairies don't exist.

    If everything exists in your mind then the following statements should be true:
    1) You should be able to uncover empirical truths, such as the locations of undiscovered dinosaur fossils merely by thinking. This would then be confirmed by excavaution.
    2) You should be able to read minds.
    3) You should be able to create objects out of nothing.
    4) You should be able to do anything.

    I'm confident that all 4 of those statements are false. So if you the world exists in your mind, why aren't you flying around shooting laser beams out of your eyes? Too much fun?

  17. No you fail to understand the concept. It's not that the world exists within my mind, it's that I only exist within my mind. I can verify I exist. I cannot verify that anything else exists, because anything outside of my mind may be a hallucination or a dream.

  18. If they're a hallucination or dream, whose hallucination/dream are they?

  19. Mine I suppose, sense the information on the outside is perceived in my mind.

    Or it could be something like the matrix even.

  20. Hell yeah, but it we will just be seen as terrorists taking over people imaginations in imaginationland.

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