None of you are real, you're all just part of my imagination.

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  1. Define "proof".

    Posters in this this thread constantly employ the word "Proof", or a derivative thereof. Before we can prove anything, you as the one asking for proof, must first define proof....

    So, to the OP, I ask you to define proof.
  2. Proof of what? Proof that you exist? How do I prove someone other than myself exists? How do I know you're not all part of a hallucination or dream that I am having?

    Pretend you're giving this argument. How would you prove that I am not a hallucination or a dream to you?

  3. You keep debating the word "Proof". Your OP challenges for proof, and numerous times you state what one can or can not prove, and again, throughout this thread you challenge others to "prove" you right or wrong.

    I am asking you to define the parameters of proof. I am not asking you to prove anything, just define it.

  4. It sounds like to me you want me to debunk my own post? No thanks.

    If you need a definition of proof, goto google. There are no special parameters in this thread for it.

  5. [​IMG]

  6. First.......I'm not trying to get you to debunk anything......Take a deep breath and relax. Don't be so defensive. Don't post a debate-able question if you can't handle the debate without getting offended.

    Let's move on...
    We all know what the dictionary's definition of proof is. It's stupidly absurd to assume anyone here doesn't. In response to your challenge, I am asking what YOU would define proof as. I think it is a perfectly logical question, as we all interpret things differently.

    I could prove you wrong, but that proof might be just MY imagination at work. Therefore, I ask you what YOUR definition of proof is. If you can't answer the's OK to admit it.

    If you think this thread is burn worthy or pointless.........Why do you read it and post replies?

  7. Why would my definition of proof be any different than the dictionary definition of proof?

    You can't prove anything outside of your mind exists.

  8. Why would your definition have to be the same as the dictionary's, since you can't prove the dictionary exists?

  9. Maybe the publishers of the dictionary's stole my definition.

  10. You're doing a great job of not answering the question. I hope you're a lawyer......I'll bite though.....How could the publishers steal anything if they and the book they publish don't exist?
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    the sun is outside of your mind, are you saying it doesnt exist? it is not there just to look cute for you, you depend on it.

  12. It's all part of the hallucination/dream that I am experiencing. Just like you, and this argument.

  13. Hahahahahahahaha +rep
  14. I'm glad we can finally agree that your argument is not logically irrefutable. Thanks :)

  15. Afraid not.
  16. You've had plenty of time...............can you define proof yet?
  17. I'd say your game is more like the Sims Online... we are not pre-programmed robots. We are thinking, feeling, Loving, changing Humans who will surprise you every step of the way.

    But it's important to remember, Life is not a game... this is the real deal. When we "lose" we feel the pain... and that pain is real. When we "win" we feel the joy... and that joy is real.

  18. Real as in what? As in electrical signals in the brain? By that logic, hallucinations from LSD are real too.

  19. I'm ignoring your question because we all know the definition of proof.

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