None of you are real, you're all just part of my imagination.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Agalloch, May 20, 2009.

  1. Yes our senses dictate reality. However, my mental states are the ONLY THING I have access to and are THE ONLY THING I can confirm as real.

    Meaning that I cannot conclude the existence of anything else outside of my mental states.
  2. But how can you "conclude" reality, if you know nothing is certain? There is no exception because you "know" nothing except your mental state - therefore you don't know if it's real or not. You trust it is real, so your trust is real. But where do you place your trust?

    bkadoctaj would tell you the heart :)

  3. I am concluding my OWN reality, which I know exists because of my mental states. My mind is the whole of reality and the external world has no independent existence.

    I myself only exist. No reality exists outside of my own mind.
  4. I'm questioning the logic of your inference, how can you conclude with certainty the one thing you trust in this universe?

  5. How can I conclude my mind? "Cogito, ergo sum."

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  6. Some would say that's logically trivial. Søren Kierkegaard for example:

    "X" thinks
    I am "X"
    Therefore I think
    Therefore I am

  7. At the very least there are thoughts in my mind, that's how I conclude my mind and my existence. My point is that one's mind is the only thing that can be irrefutably concluded.
  8. That's the one word that I have to argue with. It is not logically irrefutable, because you assume the existence of "I" as what "thinks".

    Other than that I have no problem with your claim.

  9. There is an I doing the thinking, regardless.
  10. And therefore the concluded knowledge is logically irrefutable?

    The proper logical flow of argument, as Kierkegaard would say, is that the existence is already assumed in order for thinking to have occurred, not that existence is concluded from that thinking.

    "I do not exist" is an interesting concept. Can you disprove that?

  11. Who doesn't exist? For it to be said one must assume there was already existence.

  12. yes, he is real. so is my computer, so is the sun, the trees, etc. this sounds like something a first grader would think about.
  13. and this here folks is how people develop mental problems
  14. i think you could be right op , i think there is a small percentage of players in the world but mostly everyone is a NPC, i estimate about 15 players to a major city maybe 5 in a normal city,

  15. :smoking:
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    I motion for this thread to be burned.

    But hey, I'm just a figment of the OP's imagination. He made me say that. :D
  17. I can`t prove you wrong, but I can tell you this is one lame ass video game. Tell the developers to make all NPCS happy.

    You must have one superman system if you can run this game (the world), and it seems a bit of a waste. It cant be a very good game if your on friggin GC.
  18. Unfortunatly the same thing could be said about me, making you a figment of my imagination.

    Kind of pointless discussing this. Just like this double post.
  19. I am so glad that I read some of this thread today!
    It has put me in a much better mood! WTF? LOL! :D

  20. How is that unfortunate?

    I think, therefore I am. There is no way I can prove you exist.

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