None of you are real, you're all just part of my imagination.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Agalloch, May 20, 2009.

  1. *pulls out radio*

    -That's him, we found the source! Bring in the net!
  2. Amazing!
  3. I sure hope you come around to share your ideas more often. :hello:

  4. You're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing, whether or not you're aware of what it is you're doing. Of course you're going to appear to have your own thoughts and opinions, that's all part of the illusion.

  5. I don't wanna prove you wrong.....But I have a request.....

    Could you imagine me as a rich guy with a bigger johnson?


  6. Everything in my world has a purpose, and if yours required you to be rich and have a huge cock then you'd have it already. Sorry. :(
  7. How about i come over there and kick your ass all the way to Alaska?!

    Well, unless you live in Alaska... and then I'm sure we can arrange something.:D

  8. Being rich and having a huge cock are relative terms........

    In relation to Donald Trump I am poor and in relation to the kid who works the cash register @ 7-11 I'm rich.....

    The same type of relations can be made for cock size.

    So.....To what or who are the relations based in your world?

    Maybe my cock is gi-normous and it has made me rich.....

  9. My realization angers you?
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    OR maybe when i kick someone's ass it's just my way of showing how much i respect them.

    No, I'm not angry. I was just kidding.

    I'm all for being in a video game, but I know I'm not because I can't seem to find a medi pack anywhere!:p

    And what if you, sir, only existed through me? Your next move decided only by my last action?
  11. What, like a Hospital? ;)

    The Great Agalloch has already provided this for us. :D

  12. See that's not possible, or I'd not to be alive at all, and the world would be different.

    I will consider the possibility that there are others like me with their own realities, but nobody in my reality is like me.
  13. ^^ Speaking of ether.

  14. You misunderstand, I'm not a god, this is simply my life.

    All part of the illusion.
  15. ^^ Who created the illusion?

  16. My guess is that it started once I gained consciousness.

    The illusion is just the projection of my mind and everything that I see and experience.
  17. "The illusion is just the projection of my mind and everything that I see and experience."

    How do you know everything that you see and experience is an illusion?
  18. So we're "imaginary" and you're "real" ?? Can you define the two terms for me?

  19. I am living.

    You are part of my illusion.
  20. What is life then? Is it real? And whatever else is not life, is not real?

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