None of what I'm seeing is "Micro". I want more work like Loki7's work shown!Inovate!

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  1. Come on. I challenge you all to see MICRO. I want more soda pop cans, orange juice half gallons, shoebox's, Just something. Smaller than a pc. Please? :)
  2. Non-conventional. Not hps or mh's...MICRO. Lets see more led setups, beings this is the wave of the future ;)
    Post your DIY's here, get creative. Loki7 is pure inspiration. Love your shit Loki!

    Im talkin 30 watts of leds...or even 20. Lets see if impossible is possible. They say 100w per, lets test different theorys. I believe 20 watts of leds in a square inch is plausable. Anyone agree?
  3. What loki does is cool and everything, but im pretty sure he is the only one on here doing that small.

    Others may feel it is a waste of "time" seeing that i could smoke all of what took me 3 months to produce in 1 bowl.
  4. lol... thank you. I'd love to see some really small or innovative micros too.

    I picked up a fan for the Pocket Growroom version 2.0 and I'm getting ready to try again, but have just been too busy...

  5. I don't mention it in the little grows threads, but I've got 4 other cabs that produce 2+ oz each... The little grows are strictly just for the fuck of it.


  6. Pics or it didnt happen.
  7. if it makes you a little happy I am building my own 54w led panel (18x3w leds from china, though not actual watts probably 30-40 actual watts) for my pc grow box (its too much work to build something else and a pc grow box works perfect for my situation). Just waiting for my parts then I'm going to start my bag seeds and the weather in canada is perfect for leaving the plants a little in the morning to get some light. its been 17-28 degrees in the morning for the past week hopefully it stays like this (usually is 4 degrees lol)
  8. Check my threads... build and grows are there... I take lots of pics...


  9. indeed the weather here in the northern country is effin amazing this spring, cant believe its only march...

    Loki truly is an innovative genius. i have spent the past two hours reading on his DoG and pocket grow threads.

    i know this is a little off the topic of supermicro, but in an effort to make the most of my space while being innovative, i plan on trying one of those topsy turvy upside down tomato growers, i figure in my 6ft tent i can put a couple big (200W) CFLs half way up and then grow upside down in the hangers above and normally underneath... any one know if cannabis will grow in one of those hangers? i plan on using a rooted clone to increase my odds...
  10. I have a UFO in a PC case if that counts for anything haha. Never seen it before so I figured why not?

  11. The PC grow is like the de facto standard for micro grows...


  12. I was more after the UFO part...
  13. Id consider a PC grow as micro. Some people here on this subforum are growing with bigger cabinets. Micro should be under a certain size cubic inch wise.
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    "Micro" is a relative term. a closet grow would be considered a micro grow to a grower who is uses a full room setup. whereabouts to someone who isn't/hasn't grown, a PC case would be "micro".

    i think a better term to use would be "stealth" or "Hidden" grows
  15. No. Micro is perfect! Im working on something right now, that Loki would love! If I could just get these damn 660s working! it makes no sense. 4 different strings of 5 660nm leds, and none of them work. Could it be the resistors lok? the wizard says 3.9ohm 1w, thats what im using, but there carbon? Does that make any difference into the conductivity?
  16. Hint: Its a breakfast food container that will fill you up, and loads of good carbs. :-D
  17. Cylinder thing for oatmeal

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