None of my friends smoke weed, Any help?

Discussion in 'General' started by Robert7, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Okay so I actually have 2 problems.
    The first being that none of my friends smoke weed. :(
    Well that's not entirely true, what I mean is that none of my BEST friends smoke weed. :(
    So without sounding like a douche, I have many people i can call "friends." People who I'm chill with, I hangout with them at school and stuff. Some of them have smoked/ still are smoking weed! :smoke:

    But my BEST friends are different. They are my homies, my bros!
    In my group of close friends it's 3 of us. Me and my two friends.
    I'll explain both of them briefly:
    They are both very smart, studious students, one has straight A's and the other one has straight A's too! (but when we took finals we kinda got fucked and he got all A's and two B+'s) which is still awesome! (I'd kill for those grades.)
    They are both kinda goodies (like they don't do bad stuff, they just are generally good) they are still normal like they cuss and talk about girls and make funny jokes and we fuck around and mess with each other sometimes and stupid shit. We are just typical guys. But they don't smoke or drink or anything like that.
    (I don't drink either, I only smoke the great herb. I like to stay natural :smoke: haha)
    But anyways,
    Well I told one of my friend that got the 2 B+'s that I smoke weed. He was totally chill with it and he accepts me and treats me the same and everything. We talk about it sometimes but I don't think he wants to do it, he is just curious about what I do because I'm his friend and he just wants to know lol.

    But I haven't told my other friend. See I don't think my other friend would react the same way the my other friend did. My other friend (the one I haven't told) he is sort of anti-weed. I had a debate about weed with him before I even smoked and he wasn't giving in to my good points about the herb.
    (He thinks that all stoners are dumb, lazy, useless to society, ect.)
    Even my friend that I DID tell said that I shouldn't tell him because he wouldn't take it well.

    I get pretty good grades I have 2 C's (a C+ and a C in hard classes) and I have A's and B's in everything else! Like I'm not dumb or anything because I smoked weed. I work out 4 times a week so I'm not lazy either and like idk you shouldn't look at every stoner to be the same stereotypical stoner.

    But Like I don't want my friend to look down upon me like I'm scum to society because I smoke weed. Like I'm still the same guy that your friends with! I just like to chill out and eat a lot and act silly and laugh a lot. I'm not a different person.

    So I guess my problems are:
    None of my best friends smoke weed like I'm sick of smoking alone I wanna smoke with some buddies and have a good time but they are too good to do it.

    And should I tell my friend I smoke weed? He might already think I do because to be honest its quite obvious that I smoke weed, I dress like a stoner, I listen to stoner music. I just got the chill vibe and I'm just a really calm chill funny person haha :smoke:

    What should I do?

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