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non-tobacco spliff?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fooned, May 27, 2010.

  1. go for the spice. that stuff does wonders. i smoke a j with some dank and gold spice and i was ripped, for about 12 hrs to.

  2. not really looking for a drug here, more looking for a non-psychoactive or only borderline psychoactive herb. and i have tried spice and the high was good, but it tastes like shit
  3. try tea, its really not that bad, and if you have crappy tasting bud, it can flavor it nicely.
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    I was going to suggest this. I will occasionally put a little in a bowl. You can really taste the difference. I've read that people do this for lavenders inherent ability to relax. I've also read that it mimics estrogen. Your call bruddy:smoking:

    EDIT: I was really blazed when I wrote this lol..
  5. What I've done to fill a joint properly was throw in some of my friend's vaped weed. Once I get a vaporizor, I'll be keeping the vaped weed myself. Usefull filler.

  6. so its like a mild relaxant? this sounds perfect, i'm def gonna try this out.

    thanks to everyone who had something productive to say
  7. Perhaps cloves (like these Buy Djarum Black : Clove Cigarettes : Looks like 40% of the weight comes from cloves in this kind of ciggarette. I smoked one pack of these; the shit is heeaavvvvyyyy. But, in a joint I bet its pretty nice (and could definitely be smoked in public, due to smell of cloves).
  8. I've been wondering the same thing actually. Sounds like lavender might do the trick, I was actually wondering about mint.

  9. dude mint sounds awesome, i think i'm just gonna buy a bunch of herbs and a bunch of herb and test them all out.
  10. Don't smoke tobacco, cloves or any legal herb or anything. Lavender sounds ok, but honestly it might be better for you to have a pure bud joint.
  11. Roll some cloves in, that'll be nice. Be sure to get either preground or grind them REALLY fine. Otherwise it'll draw like a pencil.

  12. Salvia needs to be smoked put of a bowl or bong
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    I can guarantee I felt the effects of the salvia from the weed mixed joint. It wasn't intense, but it was a different high than usual.

  14. Really? I guess need wasn't the best word to use, but I never heard of
    anyone rolling it up in a joint or anything.. When I smoked
    it I felt it off a few hits, I wouldn't wanna smoke a
    whole j of that man lol. I think it taste like shit
  15. Make sure you reasearch if those herbs are safe to smoke, some things could have potential to kill you..
  16. i like to mix sage with my ganj in a spliff.

    Or what i do sometimes is i dry out all the clipping from my male marijuana plants and mix that in when it is all dried out.
  17. Sorry for bringing back an old thread, but what I do when I don't want to burn a whole J full of dank is I mix it with vaped weed, as long as you don't vape it too dark, it doesn't taste too bad and it add's a little bit to the high, while allowing you not to smoke all your precious dank.
  18. What about spearmint? I got a sample pack of it when I bought my vaporizer. Never tried rolling a spliff with it though.

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