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non-tobacco spliff?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fooned, May 27, 2010.

  1. whats a good herbal smoking blend or whatever to add to joints that will make it burn longer and better. not-something that will get you high necessarily but just something that will taste good and burn well.
  2. More weed.
  3. mix your weed with more weed :D
  4. Beat you to it, :p.
  5. i really don't think properly rolled marijuana burns too fast at all, and nothing tastes better than weed. just go with straight bud man; your lungs will thank you.
  6. seriously? no one has a response besides more weed?
  7. mix your weed with hash.
  8. It's either a joint or a spliff, I don't see anything else you would want to mix in.
  9. Well you said no tobacco, what else did you expect?.. What are the 2 things that you know of that are smoked regularly? Tobacco is one and weed is the other! There's also sheesha but that won't burn in anything rolled because it's for hookah's. Here, I got an idea! Go find an old dried out pinecone, crumble it up, run it through your grinder, mix it with some bud and go to town! lemme know how it tast's..........:eek:
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    Oh actually I do have a suggestion, it's something I've done before.

    Try some salvia in there if you want to be tripping balls for the first 20 minutes of your high.
  11. i used green tea. like in a tea bag just rip it open and roll it. the taste was pleasant and it burned nicely.. maybe worth a try :eek:
  12. Dont mean to be a troll, but green tea tastes like shit when burned. You're better off making a hot cup.

    Try lavender. A friend of mine regularly puts some in his jays, never tried it, but he swears by it.
  13. sometimes i wan't to smoke a joint rather than any other method, but i dont wanna get as high as smoking a full joint will get me(i have essentially zero tolerance and normally enjoy getting nice and baked, but not always) and i don't wan't to smoke tobacco. also i find that even joints rolled with a rolling machine do not burn as slowly as tobacco. I figure theres a million different herbs out there, there must be one that will serve this function.

  14. thanks, does GC sell it?
  15. lol, maybe when i want to get super baked, but not what i'm looking for here.
  16. uh i guess i'll second green tea then because it's pretty mild and smoking it also gives you the effects of the caffeine and l-theanine i believe

  17. I halfway agree but the effects are only for like 10 minutes and only tastes good if its NATURAL GREEN TEA not black tea because black tea tastes like vomit
  18. throw some catnip in there.
  19. Try mixing it with K2 or Spice or something. On second thought. thats probably just going to be more expensive.

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