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  1. Would it be possible to just plant germinated seeds in a secluded location? I don't really have the space for a plant nor the money for nutes and lights. I could water it every once in a while.

    I live in Washington where there's not much sun, so how important is light?

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  2. Aside from completely missing the growing season for WA (and yes light is important, this is a plant we're talking about...), you would need some unusually good outdoor soil for a cannabis plant to thrive. Improved drainage at the very least would be a must in most spots. 
    Like I said though, since the growing season is over this year, you have plenty of time now to do your research for next year.
  3. Plant in a depression in the earth, this way you dont have to worry about moisture retention.

    Best spots are where you can see where rain would run off and work its way to a stream or river, even right next to a little creek where the roots will find its way to the moisture source.

    Buy yourself a cheap, ( in aus dollars say 10 bucks)pack of granulated slow release fertiliser, throw some in at the base of the plant before planting then once planted around the soil at the stem..................come back in the sutumn and fuck yeah you will have some weed....and a shit hot bunch of it.....cost you nothing but seeds and ten bucks !!!
  4. Water tables are going to drastically change throughout the season so it's really had to plant where the roots aren't going to get dry during the summer, if you want to do this I would recommend starting them inside until they're at least 6 inches and getting an automatic solar powered pump. As for "how important is light" I think that the answer is pretty obvious...
  5. If its in a suitable location for it to thrive anything will "grow". It might not thrive, it may die, but it has a good chance of surviving. That being said competition plays a big role. The more plants around your plant equals less water to your production.
  6. Washington soils are pretty acidic so a fair amount of prep is still gonna be required.  South facing areas will get the most sun. I do know several people who grow like this and it can work but also somewhat costly in the general area
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    he is right. I put one finger in the dirt and boom! Now I only have four fingers on that hand due to the acid in the soil.

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