Non stop rain.. What should i do??

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Dankgrower1212, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Im growing two special queens and i was wondering if you could protect the plants or buds from too much rain..
    So the weather is going to be pretty shit the next few weeks and im really scared for my plants.. They're in their 3rd week in flower and im super paranoid that i might get some kind of mold.. I want my first grow to succeed so i am wiling to try anything(rain covers, ect..)
    I would really appreciate your help..

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  2. A cover and a fan...if possible....would be good additions. You may want to also investigate using "Regalia"'s a biological that helps prevent bud rot/fungal issues and kicks in the systemic defenses of the plant.

    Keep them clean. If there are any dead leaves..get rid of them. Those little brown leaves are a pathway in for the rot.

    good luck with the finish
  3. Thanks man.. I was thinking bout that cover too.. But a fan is not possible.. I heard somewhere that water mixed with baking soda can help also but idk..
  4. Are your nugs still airy or did they dense up already?
  5. Last time i was there they were airy

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  6. You need to cover them up now, you don't want rain damaged buds. If they are dense at all, they need to be covered. They'll go from dank to mids if they get rained on when they have any sort of weight to them. Just learned the hard way, it only poured on the plant for about half the day. I went out shook the crap out of it, used a blower. Looks great ! Just chopped it down yesterday, nice and brown on the inside. About half way to bud rot, now just really shitty buds, just look brown and dingy. It wasn't too dense of a cola either. IMO you really don't want them getting wet at all, it's just almost impossible to get all that moisture out. It either browns the buds, or even worse you get the budrot.

    Good luck man !
  7. Ok thanks man.. Will do

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  8. Does it look fuzzy white? Could be PM Powdery Mildew or just stains.
  9. [​IMG]

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  10. I think it is mold.. Im removing all the leaves with it and spraying the leaves with baking soda and water solution

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  11. Im confused at this because every morning shit gets soaked because of the condensation

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  12. What are you confused about? Condensation makes your buds soaked? That's weird..Either way, I'm sure they dry off pretty quickly as the sun emerges. Rain is non stop down pour on your girls. They don't get a chance to dry off, that can lead to mold/bud rot/PM. It also lowers quality imo. Which is why most folks scramble to cover their plants.
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  13. You said that when your buds get wet they turn brown and rot... Not true because it happens nearly every day

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  14. That's why I said IMO, if you continually have wet buds you're going to get bud rot or mold. I'm guessing your buds are not actually soaked everyday. Like I said you have a chance for them to dry out with condensation, continuous rain followed by wet cold wet, not so much.

    Late in flower and wet dense buds are a no go. You saying your buds are pretty much soaked throughout your entire harvest without any issues what so ever?
  15. No I mean about 3/4 nights or more in late flower the temps drop pretty well around midnight so from then until the sun comes up and heats the air enough for the water to start evaporating.

    My main thought about this is that they are supposed to be able to get wet and be fine. Right?

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  16. Correct they can get wet and be fine, the problem is when they have a chance to stay wet, which is why I strongly advise anyone with rain coming up to cover the plants. Late in flower in my opinion, those last few weeks, I try not to get them wet at all. For me if they get soaked during that period, quality suffers. The taste and appearance just seems to drop.
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  17. Good info then. First im hearing of it

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