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non-smoking friends

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by spiegal, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. Is it just me or does it piss anybody else off when the run into people they know, who don't smoke while they are stoned.

    I think it is one of the biggest high killers. I will often stop at wawa for some food while I am baked with a couple of friends. Unfortunately, I sometimes run into people that I know that are aware of the fact that I smoke.

    Then, they began to act like jackasses. They think it is hilarious to stick a finger in your face and say "follow the finger" and give you other stupid tests.

    Anyone else feel this way?

    Tell me what you think?
  2. I've had the occasional "hey look he's stoned!" look. It doesn't piss me off too much cause I don't care what others think of me even if I know them. But if they were family friends and such then I'd try to control myself. But if it was just people from school then it's no big deal.
  3. I really have that problem too. One time I ran into a friend an old friend of my family who had not seen me in years and I was really stoned. We hugged and we talked for about 5 mins. the whole time I was trying not to look at her it was weird.
  4. Yeah i hate that shit too. I'm totally not violent but when I'm baked but when I run into friends (or people from work) who think it is funny to give me shit i wish i was violent. Because like you said it kills the buzz, i usually feel embarrassed for them. I'm the one that is high but I'm acting more mature.
  5. That shit used to happen to me and I hated every minute of it. Nowadays the only people I hang out with are stoners so everybody is in the same boat. Nobody has the energy to be busting each others balls.
  6. whenever your friends try to mess with you just tell them to shut the fuck up and stop acting like fags.. i bet theyll quiet up REALLY fast :D
  7. yeah, most people are homophobes
  8. most people i know, know im a stoner and think its great..they dont give me shit about it tho, if anything they will clown and have fun with me :D
  9. Yea whenever i go out most of my "friends" assume im already high (yes many times there assumptions are right)..but they never really cross the line. If they were fucknig around with me like that and shit i'd get right back on them. Diss them about anything.. their hair,boyfriend\girlfriend. And if ya gotta..pop em' in the eye..they wont say another thing to you.
  10. yeah steeviesilentj.

    if someone was giving me weird shit like any of the stuff mentioned above then i guess i wouldn't really consider them my friend. but if they were my friend and did that (which none of them do) i wouldn't mind that much cos they'd just be messin around, and i'd know not to take it seriously, and they wouldn't go to far with it.

    alot of my friends who were stoners have since quit... which really bugs me... because none of them (barring one - tom)seem to have done it for no good valid reason. they still booze up and smoke fags (ciggies for the americans) so it's like they were only doing it to be part of the croud or some other f*cked up twisted reason, and that really bugs me. kinda like they've de-valued my trust of them and/or our friendship!
  11. sorry to go a 'lil off topic,,,ok im not, really...cant even remember what it was by now, BUT my man jus went back to smokin fags bout 6 months ago! the new tax went into effect today....somthing like $4.50 (u.s dinero)a pack at some stations now. thats pricey shiiit!
  12. Yea, one of my old friend's who used to smoke stopped and now he's a complete d'ck hypocrit. He's actin like its all dumb when he himself used to do it. Anyways, we basically make him feel unwanted and he goes away.
  13. lol... u think THAT's pricey! sometimes it'll cost u £4.50 for a pack of only 16 over here!! and it's gonna keep going up every year (i think tax just went up again a few months back, so thats another 50p on the price probably!) so i think thats about 7-9 dollars or something.
  14. yep that is pricy, smoke fags?
    talk about hypocrytie 3 years ago when i smoked they were ciggies :D
  15. thats insane, its getting too expensive for smokes, lucky me, only $5 a pack, unlike new york where its $7.
  16. never smoked a cig and damn proud of it

    though, cigars and weed are another story
  17. <
    < smoking a cigar right now :D
  18. used to smoke cigars, used to smoke baky in a pipe, used to smoke ciggies, used to smoke rollies ...

    all thats behind me now. for medical reasons (raynauds) i cannot smoke another puff of tobacco again... not even in joints... even passive smoke kinda sets it off.

    when you're 12 years old u think it's pretty kewl to get a ciggie in exchange for a roll of fruit pastels... that was the start. then i had 8 years of trying to quit, smokin on and off... but now.. anytime i do smoke i'm sharply reminded of why i musn't now. my hands and legs turn blue... my toes swell up turn white and secreet a thick sticky sweaty resin... a dull dumb pain consumes my limbs and then before it gets better it has to get worse... the blood comes back and my limbs turn red and i get a hot sharp searing stabbing spasmatic pain jumping about all over through out my limbs and all through this if i move my fingers i hear a chorus of clicks snaps and creaking noises... and if u think this is shortlived.. think again, i would go through this process on and off for a week or more each and every time after i have a cigarette and any time i get slightly colder than i would be in the sahara. in a way this is good... because it's really helped me quit something that i've not enjoyed (smoking tobacco) for about as long as i've been smoking canabis (funny huh?).

    ...smoking is not good for you... fucking joke!...
  19. thats fucking terrible..i must spark a bowll for you isntantly
  20. Forgive me for being mushy or whatever you want to call it...

    but I just did some quick research on Raynauds and if I could find that damn magic wand of mine (passed down from generation to generation) then I would make you all better, Digit. I have an amazing way of sending good vibes when needed so I will do that until that wand resurfaces.

    As far as the topic...I don't have many non-smoking friends but the ones that don't get high don't hassle me. I am very open about who I am and what I do and if someone wants to rag on me, let 'em. I can give it back as good as they give it and in the whole scheme of things I could give a rat's ass what someone thinks about me or my high ass.

    ...and I only smoke weed, no cigarettes.

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