Non-Smokers suck sometimes!

Discussion in 'General' started by THCity, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. So I'm at the mall with a few friends (all people who DONT stimulate their minds) and this one girl I like is there. I'm talking to her, making her laugh and whatnot and then my one friend just yells out "You know he's high right!" Now I'm :mad: and I vow never to get baked and go places with those who aren't. How do yall feel bout this?
  2. I hate people who yell shit about being high. Fucking retards.
  3. Sounds like captain cockblocker was working his magic.
  4. agree.......a nice punch to the stomach always makes them remember not to do that again
  5. Non smokers, are not cool to be around- period
  6. your friend was proabbly jealous that you were mackin on some chick and he wasnt
  7. No way is this is the truth. The majority of the people I hang out with are non-smokers. It's pretty interesting just to gauge reactions and observe how people act, especially opinions on drinking vs. opinions on marijuana. Nonsmokers are cool people usually, they just don't have their minds open to illegal drug use. No biggie. I was once the same way, so I don't see a reason not to associate with them.
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  8. Yeah I agree with you trashlight. Haha nice sig.
  9. sounds like a blatent cock block interfearence play
  10. I know exactly what your fucking talking about..

    My good friend of mine has this 1 friend of his.. I dont care for this kid whatsoever..

    He thinks he's way over intelligent than wat he thinks.. he went to College as a Junior In

    HS to get a "head start" and do that half senior year classes and college credit at some

    school... And its some random crappy ass skool with like 300kids..anyway

    Once in a while im forced to have poker nights with this kid.. Every time me and my other friend smoke a few B's and some fat L's and watnot and drink.. everyone else ther DOESNT but they dont give a shit that me and my friend do...

    So, everytime he asks us WHy do you guys smoke..its soo bad.. blah blah blah me and my friend manage to shut em down every time.. he has no idea wat hes talking about i cant even describe it..just picture an idiot talkin about weed and its him lol..
    He thinks we spend soooo much money... i was like ya i spent so far like $100 on weed this month.. and it was practically the end of the month and he goes.."pfft.. wow wow thats so fuckin much get a life man.."

    Man im high as fuck and just wrote sum long ass shit..i never do.. must be fucked up..sory
  11. Yeah, I agree with yall. I just hate the looks they give me and when they announce my highness.

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