non safe pipes should be removed from site

Discussion in 'General' started by austyn12, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Who agrees with me? people posting plastic and tinfoil pipes should have the post removed because its really dangerious to inhale thoes fumes . smoking out of foil is really bad and people act like its safe . I know we have to be 18 to get on here but 12 year olds are going to look on Google "how to make a pipe" and have it linked here and make a tinfoil pipe or a plastic bottle bong or something like that if we allow it.
  2. Sounds like alot of work...
  3. who the fuck cares

    let's just remove all posts that mention violence too
  4. I smoke bowls of straight tin foil and I'm fine

  5. They actually do do that.
  6. No, natural selection will handle it. If you can't do some simple research on what you are inhaling and if its safe then your asking for it.
  7. There's not even solid evidence that smoking from foil damages your health. At this point it's pretty much just a myth.

    Not saying it doesn't, but it hasn't yet been demonstrated to do so.
  8. I am in my 40's. I spent my youth smoking outta foil bowls. In fact, in my time, Nestle Crunch candy bars were still wrapped in real foil, not the paperbacked stuff they use today. It was perfect for making a bowl. Worked at a gas station, so they were always on hand. Now I am not saying it is not bad for you, but I smoked many many many times out of foil bowls, and am still around and kickin (and vapin. :) )
  9. they should also delete all the ones that mention smoking weed because 12 year olds shouldnt be smoking.
  10. the less censorship the better, always
  11. OP loves kids :)
  12. the community has that covered based on the fact if anyone mentions any of these bowls there are 5 posts saying that its bad.

    But honestly most people are not going to burn the aluminum of can or tin foil with regular smoking
  13. It hasnt been demonstrated

    Like others said its prolly a myth

    I put my lighter flame directly on my alum foil for like 30 seconds and guess what?

    NO smoke, no aliens poppin out of my asshole, no predator fucking my wife, nothing
  14. Could you imagine walking in to find a predator doing your girl?

  15. Dude, there's shit all over the internet about that stuff (like how to make can pipes, etc), don't feel responsible for some kid potentially exposing himself to a harmful substance. If it's not here, it's somewhere else.
  16. They should just delete the internet.
  17. That wud suck lmfao
  18. Lol especially since it's like what are you gonna do about it? :laughing:
  19. fuck censorship... smoke tinfoil for life!!!!!!

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